ir. G.K. Wardhana

PhD student
Bioelectronics (BE), Department of Microelectronics

Expertise: Lab on a chip, focused ultrasound stimulation

Themes: Health and Wellbeing


Gandhika K. Wardhana was born in Bekasi, Indonesia. He received his BSc degree in Electrical engineering in 2015 from Bandung Institute of Technology. Later he moved to the Netherlands to study microelectronics at TU Delft and received his MSc degree in 2019. Afterwards, he worked as a researcher in the Zandbergen Lab of the Quantum Nanoscience department at TU Delft. During this time, he was involved in the development of a silicon-germanium Peltier cooling device for TEM samples and 2D material imaging with AFM.

Joining the Biolectronics group in 2020, his research interest is in lab-on-a-chip platforms and focused ultrasound transducers.

A Brain-on-Chip Platform for Focused Ultrasonic Stimulation

We intend to develop an innovative brain-on-chip platform to decode the mechanisms underlying ultrasonic neu-romodulation.

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  4. Towards an Active Graphene-PDMS Implant
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Gandhika Wardhana

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