EEE facilities

The main facility operated by EEE is the Tellegen Hall, a 2000 m2 hall attached to the lowrise EEMCS building.

The hall workspace for over 190 students with lab desks equipped with electronic test and measurement equipment and computers. On the side, there is a separate components storage and distribution room and a laboratorium room for technical and educational support, such as special measurement and soldering equipment as well as test environments that are used in some projects.

Bernard D.H. Tellegen

Bernard Tellegen (1900-1990) studied Electrical Engineering in Delft. After completing his degree, he worked at Philips’ renowned NatLab (Natuurkundig Laboratorium). It was there that he invented the pentode in 1926, a radio tube that went on to be used in practically every radio and amplifier. Tellegen was a professor at TU Delft from 1946 to 1966, and was awarded an honorary doctorate in 1970. He was also involved in significant research in network theory.

Welcome to the Tellegen Hall

Here are some house rules. Please help us ensure a safe, profitable, and enjoyable session for everyone. Take some time to read our rules on the use of the Hall.