The Electrical Engineering Education (EEE) section was founded in 2016 to improve excellence in teaching and learning in the Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Programme. The section consists of a group of academics, technicians and administrative staff, who specialize in teaching and coordination activities of bachelor Electrical Engineering (EE) programme. The EEE operates primarily under the Department of Microelectronics and has joint affiliation with the Department of Electrical and Sustainable Energy, and the Department of Quantum Computing and Computer Engineering. 

The educators in the EEE are involved in teaching both theory and laboratory courses, as well as guiding projects to make research an integral part of the undergraduate education experience, including Honors Programme Bachelor. The content of the EE Mandatory Matching (Verplichte Studiekeuzecheck) program is created and delivered by the section in relation to the first-year's bachelor mentoring and coaching activities they run.

The section puts special emphasis on teaching complex technical subjects in a contextual setting, aiming to train students in real-world problem solving skills, teamwork, and reporting. The academic members of the section actively participate in activities led by TU Delft Teaching Academy and collaborate with their Facilitation Team in developing educational projects and in promoting research-based and innovative approaches in education and learning. 

The EEE section strives to create and maintain a safe learning environment for all EE students and therefore collaborates with TU Delft Education & Student Affairs (ESA), the Office of Integrity, and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, as well as external organizations such as VHTO (Expertisecentrum genderdiversiteit in bèta, techniek en IT). The educators in the EEE practice an intersectional gender-diverse teaching approach and work towards building a supportive network for students by promoting initiatives such as Women+ in Engineering affinity group. 

Tellegen Hall, the main Electrical Engineering teaching laboratory, where students work on hands-on projects is managed and run by the section. The Electrical Engineering Makerspace is founded by the educators in the EEE with the support of a TU Delft Education Fellowship. The EEE is also responsible in part for providing service education to other programs.


At last, a woman’s name on the nameplate

For the first time, one of the spaces in the EEMCS Faculty bears the name of a woman. It is Johanna Manders, one of the first women to graduate in Electrical Engineering. ‘If the name attracts just one young women to come and study here, the goal has been achieved.’

Dr. Bahareh Abdi (EEE) awarded the TU Delft Open Education Stimulation Fund

Funding to develop the project “Enhancing Electrical Engineering Education”.

BSc EE Student Samantha van Rijs wins the EDA Competition at SMACD 2023 Conference

Third year BSc EE Samantha van Rijs wins the Enhance Design Automation For Integrated Circuits And Systems (EDA) competition at the International Conference on Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Methods and Applications to Circuit Design (SMACD) with her paper on “Single-Electron-Transistor Compact Model for Spin-Qubit Readout.”

Ilke Ercan (EEE group) receives an educational fellowship for 2023

Ilke Ercan receveives one of the five educational fellowships for 2023. This TU Delft Educational Fellow is appointed for two years. She receives a two-year grant of €25,000 per year for educational purposes.

Electrical Engineering Education Section big winners of the Teacher of the Year Awards

Winners of the annual teacher of the year award: Ir. Egbert Bol - Teacher of the Year of EEMCS, and also Online Teacher of the Year for EE; further Dr. Ilke Ercan - Best Teacher of the Year for EE, and Dr. Ioan Lager - second place for the EE Teacher of the Year.