Intelligent Catheters in Advanced Systems for Interventions (INCITE) – WP2 Imaging (INCITE)

Themes: Health and Wellbeing

INCITE (Intelligent Catheters in Advanced Systems for Interventions) is a research project focusing on the development of a technology platform that will enable advanced imaging, sensing (pressure, force, biomarker) and steering functions to be integrated into (sub)millimetre size in-body catheters and surgical instruments for emerging complex minimally invasive cardio-, neuro-, and peripheral vascular interventions.

The devices that are developed in the project will accelerate the paradigm shift from costly, burdensome surgical treatments to cost-effective and patient-friendly minimally invasive interventions. It will also enable the creation of new advanced treatments for currently complex surgical procedures that will improve present therapies and increase the efficacy of treatments. These new technologies will improve patient outcome and by this lowering the tremendous economic and social cost of cardiovascular disease in society.

The WP2-tasks that are carried out by TU Delft, are the investigation of advanced interconnect, integration and processing technologies for further miniaturization.

Illustration of a highly integrated advanced catheter

Project data

Researchers: Lambert Bergers, Ronald Dekker
Starting date: March 2017
Closing date: March 2018
Sponsor: ENIAC Joint Undertaking
Partners: Erasmus MC, Fraunhofer IZM, Okmetic, SILEX, PacTech, Philips Research
Contact: Ronald Dekker