Specialization profile--Digital Systems

This profile covers theory and design methodologies of digital circuits and systems, with application areas in wireless communication, biomedical imaging based on single-photon technology, quantum computing, 3D IC design. Current areas of interest are (1) Quantum imaging sensors, (2) high-level electronic (VLSI) system level design (power optimization and reduction techniques, SoC design methodology, communication architectures and protocols), and (3) physical modeling and verification of large VLSI circuits (parasitics and temperature modeling).

Suggested courses

EE4575Electronics for quantum computation5 EC details
EE4615Digital IC Design II3 EC details
ET4054Methods and algorithms for system design5 EC details
ET4170Computer arithmetic5 EC details
ET4351VLSI Systems on Chip4 EC details
ET4371Advanced Digital Wireless transceivers (Digital RF)5 EC details
ET4390Imaging sensors5 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
CASMSc Thesis project @ NXP Semiconductors , BU Automotive, BL Car Infotainment & Driver Assistance
Determining Performance Boundaries and Automatic Loop Optimization of High-Level Systems
Specification, optimization and realization of complex compute blocks
High speed and secure NoC adaptive routing strategies
AER for multi FPGA Neuromorphic Systems
Nest Loop Neural Network
Computational neuroscience and bio-inspired circuits and algorithms
Extraction of power and ground nets
MS3Phase-coded automotive radar

Thesis examples

CAS 2017 Andrei ArdeleanEnergy-efficient multipath ring network for heterogeneous clustered neuronal arrays
He ZhangMulti-FPGA Interconnection Simulation
Ester StienstraA 32 x 32 Spiking Neural Network System On Chip
2016 Bahador ValizadehpashaOn-Chip Cryogenic Read-Out of Spin Qubit for Quantum Computers
Rosario IncandelaCryogenic CMOS LNA for RF readout of spin qubits
Arin ÜlküHigh Resolution, Fully Digital Photon-Counting Image Sensors in DSM CMOS Technologies
Preethi PadmanabhanDesign of a Sub-harmonically Injection-Locked TDC Array for Space Applications
Kiki WiriantoMulti-Domain SystemC Model of a Neural Interface
2015 Guozhi XuImplementation of in-situ monitoring techniques for power reduction in smart sensors
Yuteng HaoLow power digital baseband architecture for wireless sensor nodes
Ting GongDevelopment and Characterization of an Endoscopic TOF PET System
Martijn BijwaardScalable Network Based Clock Synchronization for Digital PET System
2014 Dali ZhangLong-range 3D Range Detector Based on Time-correlated Single-photon Counting
Harald HomulleDevelopment of a Multichannel TCSPC System in a Spartan 6 FPGA
Jrn ZimmerlingModeling of wave propagation in open domains: A Krylov subspace approach
Milovan VasicPhysical design of a 3D router: reducing the number of vertical connections and enabling asynchronous operation
2012 Nupur LodhaMonolithic Integration of LEDs and SPADs in Standard CMOS Technology for Optical Joystick Application
J. Rodriguez Rodriguez de GuzmanA general RDE-based simulator for statistical timing analysis
2011 Vashishth ChaudhriFundamentals, Specifications, Architecture and Hardware Towards a Navigation System Based on Radio Pulsars
Priyanka KumarTime-of-Flight 3D Imaging based on a SPAD-TDC Pixel Array in Standard 65 nm CMOS Technology
Guanyu YiHigh-Quality, Real-Time HD Video Stereo Matching on FPGA
Harmen MenningaImplementation, Characterization, and Optimization of an FPGA-based Time-to-Digital Converter
2010 Ashish NigamStandard Cell Behavior Analysis and Waveform Set Model for Statistical Static Timing Analysis
2009 Rahmadi TrimanandaA hierarchically pipelined data acquisition system for single-photon avalanche diode array
ELCA 2018 Bas StijnenA military satellite terminal for S&F

Contact person

For more information about the research group, possible thesis topics, and suggestions for your ISP:

prof.dr. Edoardo Charbon

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