Specialization profile--Biomedical technology and electronics

This profile concentrates on the design and development of circuits and (micro-)systems for biomedical applications.

Suggested courses

BM1107Anatomy and physiology4 EC details
BM1108Physiology and engineering3 EC details
EE4555Active implantable biomedical microsystems5 EC details
ET4127Themes in Biomedical Electronics4 EC details
ET4130Bioelectricity3 EC details
ET4252Analog integrated circuit design4 EC details
ET4257Sensors and actuators4 EC details
ET4260Microsystem integration4 EC details
ET4277Microelectronics reliability4 EC details
ET4391Advanced microelectronics packaging3 EC details
ET4393Medical imaging5 EC details
SC4040Filtering and identification6 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
BE[2019] Monitoring Heart Rate through RF Signals
[2018] Background Calibration and Adaptive Tuning Methods for Time-Mode Subtraction Based Time-to-Digital Converters
[2018] Subthreshold Stochastic Computing for On-Chip Low Energy BioSignal Processing
[2018] Subthreshold Bit-Serial Microprocessor Design for On-Chip Low Energy BioSignal Processing
[2018] Closed-loop multi-channel neuro-stimulator and neurorecording ICs
[2018] Single-inductor RF energy harvester and power-efficient UHF neurostimulator IC
[2017; already taken] Epidural spinal cord electrical stimulation (ESCS)
[2017; already taken] Wireless powering of a neural stimulator using ultrasound
[2019] Near-field wideband telemetry and powering system
[2019] Body-coupled communication to enhance IMD security
[2019] Impedance-flow cytometry cell sorter (IFCCS)
[2018] Transparent electrode array for electroceuticals
[2017; already taken] Design Rules for Implantable ASICs
[2018] Active neural interfaces for Bioelectronic Medicine (MSc project at Fraunhofer)
[2017; already taken] LED+Electrode Array for Local Optogenetic Stimulation and Recording
[2018] Capacitive sensor-embedded phase locked loop (PLL)
[2018] Dual-analysis mode impedance-based microfluidic devices
[2019] Design tradeoffs in multimodal CMOS-MEA systems
CASComputational neuroscience and bio-inspired circuits and algorithms
ECTMA sub-millimeter size tissue stiffness sensor
EIAn ASIC for a single-cable miniature 3D ultrasound probe
Element-level delta-sigma ADC for ultrasound imaging (Oldelft Ultrasound)
An ASIC for a battery-powered ultrasonic bladder monitor
Massively-parallel recording of ultrasound signals

Thesis examples

BE 2018 Gerard Baquer GómezOptimal stimulation waveform for efficacious high-frequency block of the pudendal nerve with minimized electrochemical damage: A computer simulation optimization approach
Dieuwert MulStochastic Resonance Analog-to-Digital Conversion -- 1-Bit Signal Acquisition Employing Noise
Tim SteunebrinkLow-power low-cost readout electronics for inductive vital-sign measurements
Minghui LiuPassive Wireless ECoG Monitoring On Multiple Subjects
2016 Yao LiA 0.6V Low Noise Current Generator for Bio-Impedance Measurements in 40nm CMOS
Qiuyang LinA 0.6V, 1 uW, Low-Power Low-Noise Instrumentation Amplifier for ECG/BioZ measurement in 40nm CMOS
Samprajani RoutStructured Electronic Design of High-Pass ∆Σ Converters and their application to cardiac signal acquisition
Joost KerpelsIn vivo multicell inferior olivary recordings: alternative design methods for creating cheap and flexible electrode structures
2015 Sander FondseSWEAT: Sleeping Wireless Energy Transfer And Trickle Charger
2014 Jialue WangDesign of a Boost DC-DC Converter for Energy Harvesting Applications in 40nm CMOS Process
Menno VastenholtA Sub-GHz UWB Correlation Receiver for Wireless Biomedical Communication
2013 Luis Carlos GutierrezAnalysis and Design of MHz-range Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Implantable Devices
2010 Mark StoopmanA Sub-GHz UWB Pulse Generator for Wireless Biomedical Communication
Cees-Jeroen BesA front-end for sensing the stimulation and response of auditory nerve cells
Senad HiseniUltra Low-Power Analog Integrated Circuits for Extracellular Action Potential Detection
2009 Marijn Van DongenA versatile output stage for implantable neural stimulators
S. Al-AhdabAn Ultra Low Power Fully Integrated Sensor Interface IC for Pacemakers
CAS 2017 Jelimo MaswanMultiway Component Analysis for the Removal of Far Ventricular Signal in Unipolar Epicardial Electrograms of Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
Xuefei YouFull-Custom Multi-Compartment Synaptic Circuits in Neuromorphic Structures
Peter StijnmanTransceive Phase Corrected Contrast Source Inversion-Electrical Properties Tomography
ECTM 2014 Berend van MeerDesign of Cytostretch Skin A human cell based stretchable, flexible and mass-producible skin tissue model for drug development
2011 Aashini GulatiA Micro Surgical Instrument for Age Related Macular Degeneration
Ting YanIntegrated water cooling for HIFU prostate ablation
2009 N.T. BokerPrototyping of a Stretchable Microelectrode Array for Cardiotoxicity Drug Screening
EI 2017 Yixin ShiA Low-Power Area-Efficient SAR-Assisted Hybrid ADC for Ultrasound Imaging
Weichen XuLow-Power Readout IC for a PMUT-based bladder scanner
2014 Ludovic RousselotAcoustical Monitoring of Model System for Vascular Access in Haemodialysis
Stephen Van 't HofIn-vitro waveguide system for the detection of Escherichia coli in drain fluid after colorectal anastomotic leakage

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prof.dr.ir. Wouter Serdijn

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