MSc G Singh

PhD student
Electronic Circuits and Architectures (ELCA), Department of Microelectronics


Gagan Deep Singh was born in Wander Jatana, Punjab, India in 1992. He received the B.E. degree in electronics and communication engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belgavi, Karnataka, India (2010-2014), and the M.Tech degree in RF & Photonics from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, Assam, India (2016-2018). He worked as a software engineer at L&T Infotech, Pune, Maharashtra, India from 2014-2016 and as a Technologist at Tata Steel, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India from 2018-2019. Currently, he is working towards his Ph.D. degree at Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands. His research interests include analog and radio frequency (RF) integrated circuits.”


  1. A Load Insensitive Doherty Power Amplifier with better than −39dBc ACLR on 2:1 VSWR Circle using a Constant 50 Ω Trained Pre-distorted Signal
    Singh, Gagan Deep; Mul, Dieuwert; Nemati, Hossein Mashad; Alavi, Morteza S.; de Vreede, Leo C.N.;
    In 2022 52nd European Microwave Conference (EuMC),
    pp. 222-225, 2022. DOI: 10.23919/EuMC54642.2022.9924452

  2. Multi-Layer Graphene Pirani Pressure Sensors
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  3. A transfer-free approach to wafer-scale graphene deposited by chemical vapour deposition
    Sten Vollebregt; Filiberto Ricciardella; Joost Romijn; Manvika Singh; Shengtai Shi; Lina Sarro;
    In Graphene Conference,
    2018. (invited).

  4. A Miniaturized Low Power Pirani Pressure Sensor Based on Suspended Graphene
    Joost Romijn; Sten Vollebregt; Robin J. Dolleman; Manvika Singh; Herre S.J. van der Zant; Peter G. Steeneken; Pasqualina M. Sarro;
    In Proceedings of IEEE NEMS,

  5. Wafer-scale measurements of the specific contact resistance between different metals and mono- and multi-layer graphene
    S. Vollebregt; M. Singh; D.J. Wehenkel; R. van Rijn; P.M. Sarro;
    In Proc. of the 43rd international conference on Micro and Nanoengineering (MNE),
    pp. 152, 2017.

  6. A dual-notch +27dBm Tx-power electrical-balance duplexer
    B. van Liempd; J. Craninckx; R. Singh; P. Reynaert; S. Malotaux; J.R. Long;
    In P Andreani; A Bevilacqua; G Meneghesso (Ed.), Proceedings of the 40th European Solid-State Circuit Conference,
    IEEE, pp. 463-466, 2014. Harvest.

  7. The Performance of 2D Array Detectors for Light Sheet based Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
    A.P. Singh; J.W. Krieger; J. Buchholz; E. Charbon; J. Langowski; T. Wohland;
    OSA Optics Express,
    Volume 21, Issue 7, pp. 8652-8668, April 2013.

  8. Protein-Protein Interactions In Vivo Studied by Single Plane Illumination Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (SPIM-FCS)
    A. Pernus; J.W. Krieger; J. Buchholz; A.P. Singh; E. Charbon; T. Wohland; J. Langowski;
    Biophysical Journal,
    Volume 104, Issue 2, pp. 575a, January 2013.

  9. A 20bit continuous-time ΣΔ modulator with a Gm-C integrator, 120dB CMRR and 15 ppm INL
    G. Singh; R. Wu; Y. Chae; K.A.A. Makinwa;
    In Y. Deval; J-B Begueret; D Belot (Ed.), Proceedings 2012 38th European Solid-State Circuit Conference,
    IEEE, pp. 385-388, 2012.

  10. CMOS ultra low-power wavelet filter based sense amplifier for Cardiac signal analysis
    R. Sehgal; A. Singh; W.A. Serdijn;
    In Proc. Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (ProRisc),
    Veldhoven, the Netherlands, pp. 260-266, Nov. 27-28 2008.

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