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Electronic Components, Technology and Materials (ECTM), Department of Microelectronics

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High Performance Vehicle Computer and Communication System for Autonomous Driving

Superconducting Carbon Nanotubes composite as Vertical Interconnect for Qubit Integration at Cryogenic Temperature

  1. Recent Advances in the Critical Heat Flux Amelioration of Pool Boiling Surfaces Using Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Deposition
    Hesam Moghadasi; Navid Malekian; Hamid Saffari; Amir Mirza Gheytaghi; GuoQi Zhang;
    Volume 13, Issue 15, pp. 4026, Aug 2020. DOI: 10.3390/en13154026

  2. Compressive response of pristine and superconductor coated MWCNT pillars
    A. M. Gheytaghi; S. Vollebregt; R.H. Poelma; H. W. Zeijl; GuoQi Zhang;

  3. Thermal Management on IGBT Power Electronic Devices and Modules
    Cheng Qian; Amir Mirza Gheytaghi; Jiajie Fan; Hongyu Tang; Bo Sun; Huaiyu Ye; GuoQi Zhang;
    IEEE Access,
    Volume 6, pp. 12868-12884, 2018.

  4. Tomorrow’s advanced packaging; for electronics and heterogeneous system integration
    H. Yi; A. M. Gheytaghi; B. El Mansouri; L.M. Middelburg; GuoQi Zhang;
    ETV Maxwell,
    Volume 21.2, 2018.

  5. Effect of Nanostructured Microporous Surfaces on Pool Boiling Augmentation
    Amir Mirza Gheytaghi; Hamid Saffari; GuoQi Zhang;
    Heat Transfer Engineering,

  6. Carbon Nanotube Array: Scaffolding Material for Opto, Electro, Thermo, and Mechanical Systems
    Amir M. Gheytaghi; H. van Zeijl; S. Vollebregt; R.H. Poelma; C. Silvestri; R. Ishihara; G. Q. Zhang; P. M. Sarro;
    Innovative Materials,
    Volume 3, pp. 22-25, 2018.

  7. Modeling of two-dimensional hyperbolic heat conduction in silicon-on-insulator transistor by equivalent RLC network
    Amir Mirza Gheytaghi; Huaiyu Ye; GuoQi Zhang;
    In 19th International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems,

  8. Thermally induced oxidative growth of copper oxide nanowire on dendritic micropowder and reductive conversion to copper nanowire
    A. M. Gheytaghi; S.H. Tabatabaie; H. Saffari; GuoQi Zhang;
    Micro and Nano Letters,
    Volume 11, Issue 8, pp. 412, 2016.

  9. Effect of Nanostructure in Microporous Surfaces on Pool Boiling Augmentation
    A. M. Gheytaghi; H. Saffari; G. Q. Zhang;
    In 5th Micro and Nano Flows Conference,

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