Welcome to the website of the Electrical Engineering Education Section. The Section is shared by the Department of Electrical and Sustainable Energy and the Department of Microelectronics, with a seizable contribution of the Department of Quantum Computing and Computer Engineering, but functionally falls under the Department of Microelectronics.

The primary task of the Section is to anchor the hands-on education in the Electrical Engineering curriculum. The BSc-EE program has a range of practicals, aimed at training the students in real-world problem solving skills, teamwork, and reporting. Throughout the first two years of the BSc, a path is followed from close-guided semi-practicals to distance-guided projects without a predefined outcome, in the form of so-called EPO projects. This then culminates in the third year in the BSc End Project, where teams of students work on a much more open-ended assignment (often defined by themselves as well).

The Section consists of a number of teaching staff, as well as a number of technical support staff. The Section is responsible for running the Tellegen Hall, where students work on the practicals.