Safety and security

Contact: Alexander Yarovoy

The research theme Safety and Security aims on disruptive technology development for building situation awareness using electromagnetic and acoustic waves. The application areas include autonomous driving, severe weather (precipitation, sea storms, flooding, etc.), coastal surveillance (above and under the sea surface), crowd monitoring, concealed weapon detection, subsurface critical infrastructure monitoring, etc.

The research is focused on system design for distributed observation systems, sensor fusion, sensor management, development of sensing signals to extract maximum information from the scene, signal and information processing methods including detection, classification, localization and tracking.

The research is performed in close co-operation with industrial leaders (such as Thales, NXP) as well as end-users (governmental agencies, Ministry of Defense, airports, etc.). 

Specific areas are:

  • microwave vision,
  • distributed sensor systems for environment monitoring
  • large sensor arrays and applications in security
  • resource management in distributed sensing systems

Projects under this theme

Polarimetric Time/Frequency characteristics of wind turbines as radar target

Study of dynamic micro-Doppler and polarimetric characteristics of scatered by wind turbines radar signals

Smart sensing for Aviation

Detecting damages in composite material manufacturing

A Single-Photon, Time-Resolved Image Sensor for Low-Light-Level Vision

The project aims for a CMOS photon-counting image sensor with high timing resolution

THz Imaging Phenomenology Platforms for Stand-off IED Detection funded by the European Defense Agency

The objectives of the Project are to produce an imagery phenomenology study for evaluation of the detection problem centred around the detection of concealed objects and map the route towards potential applications.

Wideband Algorithms for Migrating Targets Indication

Demining toolbox

detection of anti-personal landmines and cluster munitions

THz silicon-integrated camera for low-cost imaging applications

Develop a real-time multi pixel passive radiometer, operating between 0.1 THz and 1THz, integrated in a silicon based technology, with temperature resolution better than 1K


Sensor Technology Applied in Reconfigurable Systems

reconfigurable sensors and sensor networks applied in the context of the security domain

Concealed Objects Stand-Off Real-Time Imaging for Security

The project will develop a demonstrator for stand-off real-time concealed object detection for future implementations of high throughput security screening for European mass-transit markets and infrastructure security.

Ultra-Fast wind sensOrs for wake-vortex hazards mitigation

Extreme Wireless Distributed Systems

EWiDS is one of the projects of the COMMIT program, concentrating on extreme wireless distributed systems. In EWiDS, we aim at a better understanding of using wireless, user-centric sensor technology to monitor and manage the behavior of people.

Airport Detection and Tracking of Dangerous Materials

Active and passive radar technology for detection and surveillance of people at airports


PARSAX is "Polarimetric Agile Radar in S- and X-band", a versatile, programmable radar developed by MS3 and located at the roof of the EWI building.