LED Power Supply Reliability (PSReliability)

A technological revolution has recently hit the lighting industry, the advent of LED luminaires has initiated a novel era of general lighting. One of significant advantages is long lifetime of LEDs. The reliability of a LED luminaire is mostly determined by the weakest part. Even though an LED�s lifetime can be more than 25�000 hours, the LED power supply�s lifetime can be shorter under the challenge derived by cost-effective and harsh working conditions, and therefore, shorten the lifetime of the whole luminaire. According to the field test results, more than 73% of the failures of LED luminaires come from power supplies. This project investigates failures of LED power supplies from component to system, in order to discover root cause and mechanism of these failures. On the basis of failure mechanism, degradation models, accelerated test methods and multi-physical simulation methods is developed for prediction of lifetime of LED power supplies.

Flowchart of the Circuit-Thermal Simulation
Test platform of capactive components

Project data

Researchers: Bo Sun
Starting date: May 2012
Closing date: July 2016
Sponsor: State Key Laboratory of Solid St
Partners: Prof. Xuejun Fan, Lamar University, Texas, USA; Dr. Cheng Qian, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Contact: Kouchi Zhang