Digital tRAnSmitTer ICs (DRASTIC)

Themes: XG - Next Generation Sensing and Communication

This project aims to develop DTX ICs for highly-integrated and energy-efficient mMIMO base stations. (OPEN POSITIONS)
Digital Transmitters (DTX) that provide direct conversion of the digital baseband data to RF power are envisioned as promising candidates to implement the wireless systems of the future. DTX based concepts can, by using massive digital control of tiny transistor-segments in the RF output stage(s), ensure perfect waveform shaping and optimum RF-output operation. As such eliminating the need for the traditional analog linear TX chain. Within this project, we aim to develop the DTX building blocks for highly integrated and energy-efficient mMIMO base stations. This project has Ph.D. and Postdoc openings, which relate to DTX design, implementation, testing, and error correction. Interested candidates should have: • experience with Cadence, ADS, and Matlab, • experience with CMOS/SOI IC design and layout, • a background in RF, mixed-signal techniques, data converters, • excellent team working skills! If you think you are the right person for the project, please send your CV and motivation letter to: Leo de Vreede:

Project data

Researchers: Leo de Vreede, Morteza Alavi
Starting date: April 2021
Closing date: March 2025
Contact: Leo de Vreede