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Student Assistant Course Lab : EE2C11 and EE2L11 EPO-3 Project

Opening for: Student Assistant

Status details

Announced:15 Jul 2019
Closing date:20 Nov 2019
This vacancy has been filled in. Thank you for your interest. We are expecting having vacancies open for next semester in December-January.

Required Level: Bachelor and Master student
Function workload: 4 – 8 hrs per week
Contract duration: 10 weeks if assisting only Q1. 20 weeks if assisting whole semester (2 September 2019 – 31 January 2020)
Salary: Depending on number of ECTS achieved


Function Description and Details

You as student assistant help during the practica with the questions of the students as well as technical problems in assignments on a more detailed level.

We are looking for student assistants for Course Lab EE2C11 Integrated Circuits on the first quarter and EE2L11 EPO-3 Project: "Design a Chip" on the second quarter of Academic Year 2019/2010.

The Course Lab is an electrical engineering practicum for second year students in the first quarter and is a prerequisite for students to take part in the EPO-3 Project on the second quarter.


Course Lab EE2C11 is given in the first quarter of academic year 2019/2010.

  • Teaching weeks 1.3 – 1.9. September 16th – October 28th, 2019
  • Every Monday morning (8.45 – 12.30 hrs)

EE2L11 EPO-3 Project is given on the second quarter of academic year 2019/2010.

  • Teaching weeks 2.1 – 2.9. November 11th 2019 – January 23rd, 2020
  • Monday and Thrusday morning (8.45 – 12:30 hrs)

Requirements and employment conditions

  • Bachelor or Master student
  • Active FlexDelft account (if you do not have one, you can ask for one at FlexDelft offices)
  • For non-european union international students, to have a valid working permit at least two weeks before the start of the first session (FlexDelft can arrange the working permit for you)
  • You can choose to assist the Course Lab or EPO-3 or both
  • You have to assist all practicum days of the courses you select
  • Because of the interdependence of the Course Lab and EPO-3 we give priority to Student Assistants who can assist the whole semester
  • Remuneration is on basis of your study points (ECTS) achieved and conform to the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) of Dutch Universities


To apply please be sure you have read the requirements and use the following link to the application form.

Because of the summer holidays please allow till the end of August 2019 for a resolution on your request.


dr. Jorge Martinez

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering Education Group

Department of Microelectronics