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Student Assistant EE2T11 Telecom A practicum in Q3 and EE2L21 EPO-4 Project in Q4

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Announced:11 Jan 2019
Closing date:30 Apr 2019
This vacancy has been filled in. Thank you for your interest.


We are looking for student assistants for 2019 EE2T11 Telecommunications A lab and EE2L21 EPO-4: "KITT" autonomous driving challenge. There is continuity in both courses, therefore we are looking for assistants with disponibility the whole semester. You can choose to assist student set A (Mondays and Thursdays) or student set B (Tuesdays and Fridays) or both (but no other combination of days).

EE2T11 Telecommunications A practicum is to be held during the third quarter in the morning from week 3.1 till 3.4

Project EE2L21 EPO-4 takes place during the fourth quarter in the morning from week 4.1 till 4.10.


dr. Jorge Martinez

Principal Educator

Electrical Engineering Education Group

Department of Microelectronics