Previous openings at ME

Student Assistant EE2T11 Telecom A practicum in Q3 and EE2L21 EPO-4 Project in Q4

Morning | Telecom A: 3rd quarter | Project EPO-4: 4th quarter

Student Assistant for EE3D11 Computer Architecture and Organisation Lab in Q3

Morning | Wednesday and Thursday | Week 3.1 - 3.8

Student Assistant for C-programming lab in Q3 (part of EE1D11 Digital Systems A)

Weeks 3.2-3.8: Monday afternoon and Friday morning

Student assistant for EE2S21 Systems and Control practicum in Q3

Morning | Tuesday and Thursday | Week 3.4 and Week 3.8

Student Assistant for Course Lab EE1D11 Digital Systems A in Q3

Week 3.4 - 3.8: Tuesday and Thursday afternoon | Weeks 3.3-3.8: Monday afternoon and Friday morning

Student Assistant for EE2L11 EPO-3 + Course Lab EE2C11 Integrated Circuits + EE2E11 Electrical Energy Conversion practicum

Morning | IC CourseLab + EEC Pract: 1st quarter | EPO-3: 2nd quarter

Student Assistant for Electronic Circuits practicum

Morning | Week:

Tue | 1.5-1.8   Wed | 1.5-1.8   Thr | 1.5-1.8

Student Assistant EE3130TU Mars Rover project

Tue morning | 2.1-2.7   Wed afternoon | 2.1-2.7

Student Assistant EE1L11 EPO-1 + Course Labs: EE1C11, EE1M11, EE1P11

Afternoon | Course Labs: 1st quarter | Project EPO-1: 2nd quarter

Student Assistant for Digital Systems Practicum

Mon (afternoon) | 1.3-1.7  Wed (morning) | 1.3-1.7 Fri (morning) | 1.3-1.7

Microelectronic packaging for autonomous driving

PhD student

PhD Opening: Digital Polar Transmitter for Spectrally Efficient Low Power Wireless Communications

PhD student

Design of frequency synthesisers and RFDACs in CMOS technologies

Student Assistant for EE1L21 EPO-2: Smart Robot Challenge in Q4

Student Assistant

Q4: Week 4.1 - 4.10 : Monday and Thursday afternoon Tuesday and Friday afternoon