Asli Yelkenci wins CadenceLIVE Europe 2021 award

Asli Yelkenci is the winner of the CadenceLIVE Europe 2021 under the category of “Master Thesis Award for the Best Design using Cadence tools” with her master thesis done at Delft University of Technology under the supervision of Virgilio Valente, Section Bioelectronics.

Her thesis title is “A 16-Channel CMOS Reconfigurable Unit for Simultaneous In-Vitro Microelectrode Array (MEA) and Current-Clamp Measurements” which aims to gain insight into the correlation between electrical activities of a population of cells and single-cell activity. She will present her work during the online event CadenceLIVE Europe 2021 on 19th October.

You can register for the event and see the celebratory video via the link below.

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