Albert Theuwissen plenairy spreaker ISSCC 2021 (International Solid-State Circuits Conference )


There’ s more to the picture than meets the eye, and in the future it will become only much more


Over the past five decades, solid-state imaging has gone through a difficult “childhood”, changing technology during its “adolescence”, and finally growing up to become a mature, “adult” technology that can compete with the human visual system when it comes to image quality. State-of-the-art mobile devices enjoyed by consumers, rely on a multi-disciplinary mixture of analog electronics, digital circuits, mixed-signal design, optical know-how, device physics, semiconductor technology and algorithm development. As a result, the CMOS image sensors utilized in today’s mobile phones come close to perfection as far as imaging characteristics are concerned. However this does not mean that further developments in the field are no longer necessary. On the contrary, new technologies and new materials are opening up new dimensions and new applications which complement the classical imaging functionality of the sensors. This trend will ultimately convert the image sensor landscape from image capturing to smart vision. Consequently, the future of solid-state imaging will not revolve around the shooting of beautiful images only, as the market driver will no longer only be limited to the mobile phone market.


‘Rapid developments of LEDs offers all kinds of medical potential’

You can use ultraviolet light from LEDs to combat coronavirus. But it’s not as simple as commercial providers are presenting it right now, concludes Professor Kouchi Zhang. On the need for a sound scientific basis and the potential for LEDs in medical applications.

Cardiac mapping of very young children reveals conduction disorders related to atrial fibrillation

Research of Medical Delta professor prof. dr. Natasja de Groot (Erasmus MC and TU Delft)

Profcast Kofi Makwinwa (in Dutch)

Recently, Professor Kofi Makinwa was interviewed for the Dutch podcast series 'De ProfCast'. In this podcast series Marieke and Dave (who present the show) talk to scientists who want to improve the world, who are passionate about educating young people and who are looking for that one little spark.

Albert Theuwissen plenairy spreaker ISSCC 2021 (International Solid-State Circuits Conference )

Albert Theuwsissen will be one of the four plenairy speakers at the prestigious international solid- state circuits conference which will be held (due to Covid online) between February 13-22, 2021.

Delft Bioengineering Institute awards Tiago Costa and Massimo Mastrangeli with 20KEUR grants

In response to the first call for bioengineering research proposals, the Delft Bioengineering Institute has awarded grants to Dr. Costa and Dr. Mastrangeli for their multi-disciplinary projects.

New Associate Professor: Justin Dauwels

Per 1 January 2021, Prof. Dauwels starts at CAS. His expertise is in statistical signal processing and machine learning. Welcome!