Aleksandar Jovic's paper highlighted as an Editor's Pick in Applied Optics

The manuscript by Dr. Aleksandar Jovic et al. entitled "A Self-Aligned Micro-Optic Integrated Photonic Platform", recently published in Applied Optics, has been highlighted as Editor's Pick for the journal.

Editor's Picks serve to highlight articles with excellent scientific quality and are representative of the work taking place in a specific field - in this case, integrated phonotics.

Congratulations, Aleksandar and co-authors!


Medical Delta Professors appointed

Wouter Serdijn, Andrew Webb, and Natasja de Groot

Impulse health & technology research with nine new Medical Delta professors

Jaap Harlaar (3mE), Wouter Serdijn (EEMCS), Marco van Vulpen (AS) and Marcel Reinders are four out of nine professors that are now allowed to call themselves ‘Medical Delta professors’. They received a dual appointment at two or more academic institutions (LUMC, Leiden University, TU Delft, Erasmus MC, Erasmus University) that are affiliated with Medical Delta. This will boost health & technology research once again.

TU Delft launches first eight TU Delft AI Labs

DeTAIL (Delft Tensor AI Lab) is led by assistant professor Bori Hunyadi

In Memoriam – Earl McCune (1956 – 2020)

It is with sadness that we must inform you that on Wednesday 27 May 2020 our esteemed colleague Earl McCune has passed away. As of last year, Earl was (part-time) professor at the Electronic Circuits and Architectures research group (faculty of EEMCS) at TU Delft and grew, in a short period of time, to become an incredibly popular expert in the field of sustainable wireless communication systems.

ECTM developing UVC LED test system to study virus disinfection

Read the interview with Tianyi Jin who, together with 3 MSc students, the group of Professor Fouchier of the Erasmus MC, and supported by the TUDelft COVID-19 fund, is developing a platform to test the disinfecting power of UVC LEDs.

Professor Wouter Serdijn appointed as Medical Delta Professor

Wouter Serdijn, chair bio electronics of the department Micro electronics (EEMCS faculty) has been appointed as a Medical Delta Professor for a 5 year period.

Dutch-Japanese astronomical instrument measures 49 shades of far-infrared