First Prize of 3-E Royal SMIT BSc Competition

ELCA research group congratulates Joram van der Velden and his team, comprising Louis Marting, Jordy van der Horst, and Nandor Toth, BSc. students from TU-Delft who have won the 1st prize in the Netherlands national competition for the best BScs. graduated in 2018 in Electric Energy and Electricity supply Engineering. This bachelor project has been executed inside the ELCA research group in the spring of 2018.

The 3 E-Royal SMIT BSc prize 2018 ceremony took place on Friday 22/03/2019 in Nijmegen. More information can be found here .

This bachelor thesis was supervised by Marco Pelk, Masoud Babaie, and Morteza Alavi. The thesis is located here .