Sten Vollebregt wins the 2022 Micro and Nanoengineering Young Investigator Award and Lectureship

Honoring and Promoting a Young researcher active in the fields of Nanofabrication and Nanotechnology for Life Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences.

Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE) is an open access, multidisciplinary journal which crosses boundaries from nano to micro to bio, and from science to technologies. The journal focuses on micro-/nano engineering, fabrication and integration of functional nanostructures and surfaces towards intelligent nanomanufacturing; devices and bio-microsystems for medicine, life sciences, chemistry, environmental sciences, and agro-food; and devices and microsystems for physical applications. 

After detailed evaluation of the high level of achievements of all candidates, the committee decided to present the award to: Dr. Sten Vollebregt from Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

for outstanding contributions to reproducible wafer-scale microfabrication with carbon-based materials”.

The Lectureship was presented at MNE2022 Conference at the 23rd pf September 2022 in Leuven, Belgium (

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First Prize in Young Scientists Contest at the 2022 International Radar Symposium in Gdansk, Poland

The MS3 group is glad to inform you that during the 10th MICROWAVE & RADAR WEEK in Gdansk, Poland our former MSc student Detmer Bosma won the First Prize in the Young Scientists Contest at the 2022 International Radar Symposium with the article "Polarimetric Signatures on Moving Automotive Vehicles Based on the H/A/α-Decomposition" and an excellent presentation about the main results of his MSc thesis project, which were done under the supervision of dr. O. Krasnov and prof. A. Yarovoy, and successfully defended in November 2021 !!!

Congratulations, Detmer!

Sounds good: treating depression with ultrasound

Physicians are desperate to find new and effective treatment options for chronic pain and depression. Tiago Costa is developing a novel targeted neuro-modulation treatment for depression, using focused ultrasound. His goal is to treat only brain areas that need attention, leaving other parts of the brain undisturbed.

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Vasso Giagka on the Neural Implant Podcast

Neural Implant podcast - the people behind Brain-Machine Interface revolutions: Vasiliki Giagka on Neural Interface Packaging and why it's the most important

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Interview Jochem Baselmans

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Researchers have succeeded in making a far-infrared detector so sensitive that we will soon be able to look back even further than we can with current telescopes.

Jochem Baselmans, professor at TU Delft and senior researcher at SRON, explains why the interdisciplinary project took 17 years, what exactly they want to look at with the detector and why they are now waiting for a super-cold telescope.

Read more: Far infrared detector KID achieves highest possible sensitivity .