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Packet Loss Concealment algorithm for real-time wireless audio systems

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We are looking for graduate students for the development group conferencing systems of Bosch Security Systems in EINDHOVEN Bosch Security Systems, part of the Robert Bosch Group, is an innovative and global company in the field of security and communication systems such as CCTV (Video systems), public address and congress systems, personal security, social alarm, intruder and fire detection systems. The company has a strong growth ambition with substantial investments in Research & Development, adhering to the values of the Robert Bosch Group such as Quality and Reliability of Bosch products. Bosch Security Systems offers a complete range of specialized state of the art products and systems for standard or customized applications and projects. For more information: The development Group Conferencing Systems is concerned with the development of HW / SW solutions for Conferencing equipment. This includes all stages of product development from a feasibility study and final test release of the product. This is done with the use of state of the art development methods, tools and components. From the developers in R & D is expected that they can deal with assignments that are both technically and in terms of planning challenging.


Mid 2015 Bosch introduced DICENTIS Wireless Conference System. It is an innovative system based on standard Wi-Fi technology and smart wireless management to ensure interference-free and highly flexible wireless conferencing. A typical DICENTIS Wireless Conference System consists of a Wireless access point (WAP) and several Wireless devices (WD). Up to 4 WDs can send their microphone signal to the WAP via the Wi-Fi connection. The WAP mixes these 4 uplink audio streams to a downlink stream. The downlink stream is broadcasted by the WAP to all WDs. Each WD receives the downlink stream and plays the containing audio signal on its loudspeaker or headphone output. All Wi-Fi connections suffer from interference. Single Wi-Fi packets or a burst of packets are lost with some packet error rate (PER), depending on the type of interference. In a DICENTIS Wireless Conference System each packet contains 4ms of audio both for upstream and for downstream. Because of the low audio latency requirement of conference systems, there is no re-transmission mechanism and each lost Wi-Fi packet immediately results in an 4ms audio loss. Packet loss concealment (PLC) attempts to mask the effect of audio packet loss. The goal of this project is to realize a PLC algorithm optimized for the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System with following requirements: - PLC for speech signals (music would be nice to have) - PLC can handle PER up to 5% with bursts of up to 10 packets - PLC requires <1ms audio latency - PLC is robust for ambient noise - PLC can handle a mix of (up to 4) speech signals - PLC can handle limited/compressed speech signals - PLC is Suitable for fixed point FPGA implementation If you are interested please contact us to discuss further details.


We are looking for graduate students - Education: WO level electrical engineering with affinity for digital signal processing - Knowledge of FPGAs and DSPs is considered a pro. - For 40 hours a week - Character traits: works independently, shows initiative, result focused. We offer A challenging working and learning environment. A dynamic market and with the opportunity to work with professionals in a large diversity of disciplines. The chance to gain experience in working in a multinational company. This internship has a market conform remuneration. Duration of the internship 6-9 Months Location Eindhoven Name supervisor Hans van der Schaar Contact For more information about this assignment, you can contact Hans van der Schaar 040-2577041 Email:

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