MSc thesis project proposal

Determining Performance Boundaries and Automatic Loop Optimization of High-Level Systems

Designers are confronted with high time-to-market pressure and an increasing demand for computational power. As a result, they are required to identify as early as possible the quality of a specification for an intended technology. The designer needs to know if this specification can be improved, and at what cost. Specification trade-offs are often based on the experience and intuition of a designer, which in itself is not enough to make design decisions given the complexity of modern designs. Therefore, we need to identify the performance boundaries for the execution of a specification on an intended technology. The degree of parallelism, required resources, scheduling constraints, and possible optimizations, etc. are essential in determining design trade-offs (e.g., power consumption, execution time, etc). However, existing tools lack the capability of determining relevant performance parameters and the option to automatically optimize high-level specifications to make meaningful design trade-offs.


LLVM, C/C++, Scheduling&Synthesis

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