MSc thesis project proposal

Speech intelligibility enhancement for public address systems

Project outside the university

In Delft in collaboration with Bosch security systems
Society has become very much dependent on the use of digital speech communication systems, e.g., telephony, hearing aids and public address systems. Ideally, such systems improve or at least maintain intelligibility. However, in practice, intelligibility is often degraded due to the presence of noise in the environment of the human (or machine) observer. An example would be a public address system, or mobile phone at a train station, while a train passes by. Several algorithms have been developed to increase the speech intelligibility in noise. However, all these algorithms depend on knowledge of the noise statistics.


In this project, the goal is to investigate the problem of noise PSD estimation for speech intelligibility enhancement of public address systems under noisy and reverberant conditions.


This project requires knowledge on at least:
  • signal processing
  • stochastic/random processes
  • Digital audio and speech processing (in particular speech enhancement)
  • experience with Matlab

Contact Richard Hendriks

Circuits and Systems Group

Department of Microelectronics

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