MSc thesis project proposal

[2021] High-Efficiency Fully-Integrated Voltage Regulator

Project outside the university

Most applications powered by energy harvesting require a clean supply voltage. It is advantageous to have energy harvesting and voltage regulation in the same chip in order to reduce the BOM (Bill of Materials) and form factor of the final product. However, there are the problems of size constraint and efficiency.


The goal of this project is to design a fully-integrated switched regulator that presents low area and high efficiency. The converter input is the battery voltage or the output voltage of the harvester. It down-converts this voltage to the target load voltage. The possibility of reusing parts of the main energy harvesting converter to simultaneously harvest and supply the load needs to be investigated.


You are an MSc student in Electrical Engineering, in the Microelectronics track, and in the Analog or Biomedical Electronics profile. You have received at least a 7.5 for Analog Integrated Circuit Design (ET4252). Preferably you have also taken Introduction to power conversion technology (ET4382).

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Last modified: 2021-05-04