MSc thesis project proposal

Electro-physical sensor node for embedding in sports clothing

Every year, more than 100,000 people in the Netherlands seek emergency care for sports injuries. The total 4.5 million injuries in the Netherlands, account for 5 billion euros in direct medical costs. Half of these injuries could potentially be prevented through effective support and self-management. Measuring performance level and peak loads during activities and giving adequate feedback to athletes could prevent injuries and improve the athletes performance. Several physiological parameters can be used as performance indicators. Some parameters are of electrical nature such as heart-rate/ECG, EMG, skinresistance etc. This project aims to develop an electronic sensor node that can measure these electro-physical signals and is small and light enough to be integrated into sports clothing in an unobtrusive manner.


• Literature study and definition of requirements • Design of an electronic sensor node • Build a first prototype • Perform some real-life measurements

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Last modified: 2020-02-04