MSc thesis project proposal

Nest Loop Neural Network

Project outside the university

Since the NN is written as a Nested Loop Program, we can convert the C-code into an implementation on a FPGA. For this purpose, we use the Compaan tool flow ( For the synthesis of the mathematical functions used in the NN, we will use the Vivado Xilinx HLS tools. We want to show that the NN also works on a FPGA.


Steps performed 1. Develop a testbench of a Neural Network in C-code that can detect handwritten letter using the MNIST database 2. Convert the C-code into an equivalent NN implementation on an FPGA 3. Proof that the obtained NN can detect the handwriting like the C-code 4. Determine the performance of the design and resource uses


Required: Understanding of C-code and VHDL Understanding of FPGA flows Experience with Xilinx Vivado HLS tooling

Contact René van Leuken

Circuits and Systems Group

Department of Microelectronics

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