MSc thesis project proposal


Project outside the university

Within the Astronomy institute Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) a new algorithm is developed called the gridder. The code can be found on github ( In this project we take the C-code description of the gridder and rewrite it in such a way that the Compaan toolflow can accept the C-code. The Compaan toolflow ( will provide a parallel implementation on a FPGA. Your job is to make the FPGA able to perform the same calculation as the original C-code. The gridder is originally written to work on GPUs. We are very interested to compare the results obtained from the FPGA implementation with the GPU implementation.


Step performed 1. Analyze the C-code and rewrite the C-code into a Nested Loop Program that will be accepted by the Compaan tool flow. 2. Proof that the rewritten C-code is equivalent with the original C-code 3. Use the Compaan tool to obtain a FPGA implementation 4. Proof that the result is equivalent with the original C-code 5. Determine the execution speed, power and resource consumption


Required: Understanding of C-code and VHDL Understanding of FPGA flows Experience with Xilinx Vivado HLS tooling

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