MSc thesis project proposal

Internship at AMS - Pressure Sensor

Project outside the university

Sensors provide electronic devices with inputs about their state, surroundings, or of a metric the device is designed to measure. One very common sensor is a pressure sensor, a small packaged integrated circuit found in e.g. nearly all smartphones.

About ams

ams AG is a world-wide player in the semiconductor industry focusing on sensor solutions. The business line Environmental Sensors offers an internship in a stimulating scientific environment. Advanced laboratories and skilled researchers and engineers with various backgrounds offer all possible support. For this assignment, the location would be High Tech Campus, Eindhoven.


The core of the assignment is to write (embedded) software for the sensor board. The software includes drivers for all peripherals (sensors, display, non-volatile memory), and signal processing for several use-cases. The structure of the software should be clear and documented so that changes can be made easily at a later stage. A possible extension would be to develop a PC application that also shows sensor output.


prof.dr. Lina Sarro

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2018-01-15