MSc thesis project proposal

Advanced Receivers for 5G Millimeter Wave Communications

Project outside the university

Intel Denmark, Aalborg, Denmark
Over the last decade, the demand for mobile data has been steadily growing. In response, the industry has engaged in two different types of research efforts. First, it concentrated on increasing the spectral efficiency of the fourth generation of mobile radio access technologies - LTE-Advanced being the most illustrious example of such an effort. More recently, the focus has instead been shifting towards millimeter wave communications, which is one of the key aspects defining the fifth generation (5G) of mobile radio access technologies. As one of the largest suppliers to the wireless value chain, Intel is at the forefront of 5G research. Within the scope of the project, you will support a group of engineers and researchers in creating innovative solutions for 5G cellular systems. Specifically, you will join our team in designing and assessing the performance of such solutions by means of detailed link- and system-level simulators.


The goal is to develop and assess new solutions for millimeter wave communications.


Required skills: Familiarity with the following topics is required:
  • Digital communications
  • Signal processing
  • Written and oral English
Preferred skills: Exposure or experience with any of the following topics is preferred:
  • Programming in MATLAB
  • Programming in C/C++
  • Team work

Contact Geert Leus

Circuits and Systems Group

Department of Microelectronics

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