MSc thesis project proposal

Noise PSD Estimation in reverberant environments for speech intelligibility enhancement algorithms

Project outside the university

In this project it is possible to collaborate with our industrial partner Bosch security systems B.v.
Intelligibility enhancement algorithms can be used to increase the speech intelligibility of speech processing algorithms like public address systems, hands free systems, hearing aids, etc. With these algorithms, the target signal is pre-processed before play-back by the loudspeaker, such that the speech intelligibility of the target as received by the user is maximised. These algorithms typically depend on the power spectral density (PSD) of the acoustic noise in the environment of the user. However, typically, the target signal gets reverberated after playback in the environment of the user. Any reverberation that leaks into the noise PSD estimate will degrade the final intelligibility as received by the user. In this project we will develop an algorithm that can be used to estimate the noise PSD for speech intelligibility enhancement algorithms in noisy reverberant environments.


- Implementation of an existing speech intelligibility enhancement algorithm in matlab/simulink - development of a noise PSD estimation algorithm meant to be used in noisy reverberant environments.

Contact Richard Hendriks

Circuits and Systems Group

Department of Microelectronics

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