Specialization profile--Microwave sensing, signals and systems

The profile Microwave Sensing focuses on education on physical and signal processing foundations of remote sensing exploiting electromagnetic waves in a number of societal important applications. It covers propagation and scattering of electromagnetic waves by natural and man-made objects, principles & designs of electromagnetic sensors for near-, intermediate- and far-field sensing, as well as the physical model based algorithms and methods that enable the detection and parameter estimation of objects from measured electromagnetic fields. Special attention is given to such areas as array antenna systems and radar front-ends (beamforming in conventional phased arrays and distributed MIMO systems, imaging), waveform agility (adaptive selection of the most efficient sensing waveforms such as e.g. LFM, OFDM, UWB and space-time coded sequences), signal and data processing algorithms for advanced object detection, classification and tracking.

The application areas considered in this profile range from (phased array) Radar and distributed Radar systems in far-field to microwave vision in intermediate- and near-fields including medical imaging (High-field MRI).

Suggested courses

EE4530Applied convex optimization5 EC details
EE4565Propagation and scattering of electromagnetic waves5 EC details
EE4C05Electromagnetics5 EC details
EE5020Sensor signal and data processing4 EC details
ET4015Antenna systems4 EC details
ET4147Signal processing for communications4 EC details
ET4169Microwaves, radar & remote sensing5 EC details
ET4175Radar systems4 EC details
ET4358Wireless communications5 EC details
ET4386Estimation and detection5 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
CASDevelopment of accurate dielectric property imaging for 1.5T MRI
Unraveling the structure of the electromagnetic field in MRI
Development and testing of a switchable fractionated dipole antenna for ultrahigh field MRI
Analytics with Multiple-Sensor Lighting Data
New radar applications with advanced multichannel radar AMBER
Use of Submodularity in Multifunction Radar Resource Management
Matched subspace methods for outage detection in smart grids
MS3Remote sensors and Internet of Things for rail-traffic applications
Mission-driven Radar Dwell Scheduling
Design of an inflatable antenna for nano- and micro-satellites
GPS antenna placement
Phase-coded automotive radar
Radar to radar interference mitigation
Automotive radar tracking system
Deployment of Distributed Radar Network
Angle of arrival estimation for automotive radar systems
Optimal frequency generation scheme for mm-Wave automotive radar
Radar based Road Mapping and Vehicle Localization
A study of extended targets radar detector
Classification of targets using the polarimetric-Doppler PARSAX radar
Validation of model for radio distortion due to wind turbines with measured radar data

Thesis examples

MS3 2019 Chrysovalantis KladogenisDetection of Wind Turbine Clutter using radar polarimetry
Richard de JongMultimodal Deep Learning for the Classification of Human Activity
2018 Jonathan GnanadhasMicrowave Circuit Analysis of Multi Transmon Qubit System
Shuang ChenMachine Learning Modeling and Parametric Assessment of Rectangular Dielectric Resonant Antenna
Mai-Han TruongFeasibility Study on Optically Transparent Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antennas Integrated in an Enclosed Light Bulb Using Doppler Based Radar for Human Presence Detection
Muhammad Omer ZareenDesign and analysis of non-uniform MIMO array for interference suppression and automotive applications
Salman SalmanAnalysis of Antenna and RF Front-End Topologies for Multi-Beam Systems
Eduardo RichaJump Markov Nonlinear System Identification in Multi-Sensor Target Tracking
2017 Yalin GurcanSuper-resolution algorithms for range-azimuth-Doppler estimation in automotive radars.
2016 Nannan ChenMillimetre wave propagation and scattering phenomena for automotive radar.
Wilco TempertDesign of a particle filter for robust target tracking in object-induced clutter
Jeroen KeijsersDensity Tapering for Sparse Planar Spiral Antenna Arrays
Michael HambalisReduction of Mutual Coupling and Influencing the Antenna-Element Pattern in Array Environment
Roeland TrommelAn Analysis of Deep Learning for Human Gait Classification in Radar
Roel BernsExploiting the micro-Doppler effect for detection improvement in FMCW radar
Yanki AslanReduction of Mutual Coupling Between Closely Spaced Patch Antennas Using Dielectric Contrast Techniques
Joris DerksenA study of radar performance assessment accuracy sensitivity to the resolution of atmospheric input data. Case studies of North Sea environments.
2015 Rossiza GourovaTheory and Practice of Waveforms for Compressive-Sensing Radar
M. WangUltra wideband omnidirectional discone antenna for WLAN applications
Yiou ZhouRadar Doppler Polarimetry of Wind Turbines using the S-band PARSAX radar
2014 Jacco SchreudersTracking aircraft with the PARSAX radar
2013 Sowmini KadathanadWaveform Generation for a MIMO Radar
Paraforou VasilikiDesign and full-wave analysis of supershaped patch antennas
Jason MensinghDevelopment of a Two-Dimensional Resonator Design Tool
Boris Radeljić-JakićDevelopment of Processing Algorithms for the Detection and Estimation of Multi-Layered Structures of a Windfield with Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar
2012 Joep WezelAssessing the MR compatibility of dental retainer wires at 7 tesla
Paul de HeerHomogeneous RF Field Distribution Optimization in 3T Abdominal Imaging
Vedaprabhu BasavarajappaDesign of a wideband conformal array antenna system with beamforming and null steering, for application in a DVB-T based passive radar
Leonardo CarrerConcealed Weapon Detection: a microwave imaging approach
Eugenio PasquaUWB FMCW Radar for Concealed Weapon Detection: RF front-end development
2011 Stephan GrootModel-based Classification of Human Motion: Using a Particle Filter Approach
Anurag BajpaiChannel Equalization for Wavelet Packet Modulation
2010 Hossein AzodiUWB Air-Coupled Antenna for Ground Penetrating Radar
H.G. PoleyGPR Antennas Design and Experimental Evaluation
Nadia HaiderUWB Antenna Design for Polarimetric Imaging Radar
2008 A. Shenario EzhilMillimeter-Wave UWB Antenna Design in LTCC Technology
2016 Wilfred BoelhouwerA Reconfigurable Antenna based on a Non-radiative Dielectric Waveguide with a Liquid Crystal Dielectric

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prof.dr. Alexander Yarovoy

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