Specialization profile--Radar systems and remote sensing

Signal Processing for Remote Sensing and Radar Systems focuses on microwave system design, analogue and digital processing of microwave signals, signal processing for typical remote sensing applications (antenna array pattern synthesis; space-time adaptive signal processing in ultra-wideband arrays; detection and feature extraction; tracking and navigation; classification, and imaging) that are performed at either a single node or at a distributed sensing.

Suggested courses

EE4530Applied convex optimization5 EC details
EE4565Propagation and scattering of electromagnetic waves5 EC details
ET4147Signal processing for communications4 EC details
ET4169Microwaves, radar & remote sensing5 EC details
ET4173Introduction to UWB technology4 EC details
ET4175Radar systems4 EC details
ET4358Wireless communications5 EC details
ET4386Estimation and detection5 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
CASDevelopment of accurate dielectric property imaging for 1.5T MRI
Network anomaly localisation with application to smart grids
Analytics with Multiple-Sensor Lighting Data
New radar applications with advanced multichannel radar AMBER
Use of Submodularity in Multifunction Radar Resource Management
Multi-Sensor Fusion Based Relative Positioning
Matched subspace methods for outage detection in smart grids
MS3Remote sensors and Internet of Things for rail-traffic applications
Mission-driven Radar Dwell Scheduling
Design of an inflatable antenna for nano- and micro-satellites
GPS antenna placement
Phase-coded automotive radar
Radar to radar interference mitigation
Automotive radar tracking system
Deployment of Distributed Radar Network
Angle of arrival estimation for automotive radar systems
Optimal frequency generation scheme for mm-Wave automotive radar
Radar based Road Mapping and Vehicle Localization
A study of extended targets radar detector
Classification of targets using the polarimetric-Doppler PARSAX radar
Validation of model for radio distortion due to wind turbines with measured radar data

Thesis examples

Contact person

For more information about the research group, possible thesis topics, and suggestions for your ISP:

prof.dr. Alexander Yarovoy

Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems Group

Department of Microelectronics