Specialization profile--Biomedical signal procesing

Biomedical Signal Processing focuses on signal processing for the acquisition, modeling, analysis and processing of biomedical signals. These can be natural signals from the body, as with signals measured in the heart or brain (EEG, ECG), or multichannel signals from imaging systems (e.g. ultrasound, MRI or photo-acoustic imaging).

Suggested courses

AP3232DMedical imaging signals and systems6 EC details
BM1108Physiology and engineering3 EC details
EE4530Applied convex optimization5 EC details
EE4555Active implantable biomedical microsystems5 EC details
ET4386Estimation and detection5 EC details
ET4393Medical imaging5 EC details
IN4182Digital audio and speech processing6 EC details
IN4307Medical visualization5 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
BE[2018] Somnus -- Monitoring Premature Babies better by an impulse-radio ultra-wideband sensor in the incubator
CASReducing Motion Artifacts in MRI of the Eye
Development of accurate dielectric property imaging for 1.5T MRI
Wearable and low power eye tracking system
Cardiac Arrhythmia Data Analysis (several projects)
Beamforming for speech enhancement preserving spatial cues

Thesis examples

CAS2018Haidong HaoVessel Layer Separation of X-ray Angiographic Images using Deep Learning Methods
2017Jiying DaiCSI-EPT: Towards practical implementation
2016Michiel GerlachDielectric Shimming: Optimization Techniques for Dielectric Pads in MRI
Andrejs FedjajevsUltrasound Imaging Using a Single Element Transducer
Pim van der MeulenRegularized Least Squares Imaging for High Resolution Ultrasound
Patrick FuchsMRI based Electrical Properties Tomography: Electromagnetic inversion
2015Marina NanoAutomated Detection of Central Apnea in Preterm Infants
Vana PanagiotouBlind Segmentation of Time-Series
Di FengHeart Rate Variability Analysis Based on Instantaneous Frequency Estimation

Contact person

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dr.ir. Richard Hendriks

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