Specialization profile--Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing

The profile Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing focuses on such topics as multimedia data compression, audio/speech processing, distributed signal processing, acoustic signal processing, speech enhancement, sensor localization, pattern recognition and security. The research and coursework cover a broad scope of theory and algorithms in signal processing, information theory and cryptography.

Suggested courses

EE4530Applied convex optimization5 EC details
EE4540Distributed signal processing5 EC details
EE4560Information theory5 EC details
ET4386Estimation and detection5 EC details
IN4182Digital audio and speech processing6 EC details
IN4191Security and cryptography5 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
CASSpeech recognition and speech based validation systems for web subscriptions
Speech intelligibility enhancement for public address systems
Privacy preserving distributed speech enhancement in wireless sensor networks
An information theoretical approach for speech intelligibility enhancement
Beamforming for speech enhancement preserving spatial cues
Noise PSD Estimation in reverberant environments for speech intelligibility enhancement algorithms
Packet Loss Concealment algorithm for real-time wireless audio systems

Thesis examples

CAS 2018 Konstantios SachosOn speech enhancement in very low SNRs for smart speakers
Mert ErginSnoring Sound Production and Modelling
Rik van der VlistPhase estimation of recurring patterns in nonstationary signals
Raissa LynnRoom Geometry Estimation from Acoustic Echoes
Costas KokkeInterferer selection for binaural cue preservation in joint binaural linearly constrained minimum variance beamforming
Lucas MontesinosAudio-visual authentication for mobile devices
Niels van WijngaardenInexact distributed optimization schemes
Sofia-Eirini KottiClock-Offset Invariant Beamforming in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
Derk-Jan HulsingaThe cocktail party problem: GSVD-beamformers for speech in reverberant environments
2017 Jake JonkmanQuantized Distributed Optimization Schemes; a monotone operator approach
Boliang XuPacket loss concealment for speech transmissions in real-time wireless applications
Wangyang YuIndoor localization with Low Energy Bluetooth
2016 Iakov ChalegouaInvestigations into Informed Phase Restoration of Amplitude Spectra for Audio Signals
Mario Coutino MinguezIdentification of room boundaries for sound field estimation
Daan SchellekensQuantization effects in PDMM: A first study for synchronous distributed averaging
2015 Rodolfo Solera UrcuyoSpeech Based Onset Estimation for Multisensor Localization
Ingmar JagerRoom Shape Estimation from Acoustic Echoes using Graph-based Echo Labeling
He Ming ZhangDistributed Convex Optimization: A Study on the Primal-Dual Method of Multipliers
2014 Andreas KoutrouvelisSpeech Production Modelling and Analysis
2007 Christian van BijleveldPacket Loss Concealment for Speech Communications
MSP 2014 Evgeni AizenbergComputer-Aided Comparative Assessment of Inflammatory Lesions in MRI of the Spine in Axial Spondyloarthritis Patients
Martijn GerritsEvaluation of instrumental measures for the prediction of musical noise in enhanced noisy speech
2013 Erik RoelingImproving indoor localization of Android phones: For the use of speech enhancement by using a different calibration signal for each phone and including the relative clock skew
2012 J.J.M. Van de SandeReal-time Beamforming and Sound Classification Parameter Generation in Public Environments

Contact person

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dr.ir. Richard Heusdens

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