MSc students

Current MSc students

BE2017Tim SteunebrinkMSc MicroelectronicsPhilips Patient Care & Measurements, High Tech Campus 34, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Tim BeintemaMSc Biomedical Engineering
Chengyu HuangMSc Biomedical Engineering
Marc BisschopMSc Microelectronics
Jeroen RölingMSc Biomedical EngineeringErasmusMC, Dept. Neuroscience
Maria Silos ViuMSc Biomedical EngineeringUMCU, Neonatology
2016Abdi Insani BangsaMSc Biomedical Engineering
Jinne GeelenMSc Biomedical EngineeringErasmusMC, Dept. of Neuroscience
Guðrún Erla ÓlafsdóttirMSc Biomedical Engineering
Minghui LiuMSc Microelectronics
Dieuwert MulMSc Microelectronics
Lucia TacchettiMSc Biomedical Engineering
CAS2017Bart CoonenMSc Signals and SystemsMicroflown Avisa
Vinay Pathi BalajiMSc Embedded SystemsAlten Nederland
Feng MaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsIMEC
Derk-Jan HulsingaMSc Signals and Systems
Franklin van PuttenMSc Signals and Systems
Sofia-Eirini KottiMSc Signals and Systems
Niels van WijngaardenMSc Signals and Systems
Jelimo MaswanMSc Microelectronics
Xuyang LiMSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems
Aulia Recky SoepenoMSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems
Kiran SharmaMSc Signals and Systems
2016Hemanth Singh JagadeeshwarMSc Embedded Systems
Ayush JoshiMSc Embedded Systems
Pascal LagerweijMSc Signals and Systems
Boliang XuMSc Signals and SystemsBosch Security System BV
Jake JonkmanMSc Signals and Systems
Andrei ArdeleanMSc Microelectronics
Roberto MolMSc Computer Engineering
Johan MesMSc Microelectronics
Lantian KouMSc Signals and Systems
Reynaldi CanggaputraMSc Computer EngineeringNXP Eindhoven
Ashvant MahabirMSc Signals and Systems
Xuefei YouMSc Microelectronics
He ZhangMSc Microelectronics
Ali Eralp KolagasiogluMSc Computer Engineering
Shizhao ZhangMSc Computer Engineering
Ester StienstraMSc Microelectronics
2015Christos TzotzadinisMSc Signals and SystemsThales Nederland B.V.
Haipeng LinMSc Computer Engineering
Zheng YangMSc Computer Engineering
ECTM2017Himabindu KopallyMSc Microelectronics
Ziqiao HuangMSc Microelectronics
Thijs Ten BruggencateMSc Microelectronics
Levar GoossensMSc Microelectronics
Sarat Shankar SinhaMSc Microelectronics
Shengtai ShiMSc Microelectronics
2016Joost RomijnMSc Microelectronics
Arshaad Ishrat KanhaiMSc Microelectronics
Shinnosuke KawasakiMSc Microelectronics
Manvika SinghMSc Microelectronics
Rajarshi SinhaMSc Microelectronics
Michel Sebastiaan Van der KaayMSc MicroelectronicsPhilips Eindhoven
Affan Kaysa WaafiMSc Microelectronics
Hanieh MastyaniMSc Microelectronics
Tianyi JinMSc Microelectronics
Maryam Ahmadi NaminMSc Microelectronics
2015Dong Bin CaiMSc Microelectronics
EI2017Valeria PredaMSc Microelectronics
Cristian TatuMSc Microelectronics
Rushil Kishore KumarMSc Microelectronics
Ioannis Anastasopoulos
Gerard HogenhoutErasmus MC
2016Steve EhmkeMSc Microelectronics
Bo JiangMSc Microelectronics
Dennis Kaandorp
Dezhi LinMSc Microelectronics
Zhihao ZhouMSc MicroelectronicsHolst Centre
Daniel KuratomiMSc Biomedical Engineering
Sander FlipseMSc Microelectronics
Samira AmaniMSc Microelectronics
David BaoMSc Biomedical EngineeringApplikon Biotechnology
Yikun ChenMSc Microelectronics
Michele D'UrbinoMSc Microelectronics
Shoubhik KarmakarMSc Microelectronics
Costantino LigourasMSc Microelectronics
Mengdi LiuMSc Microelectronics
Alexander LouwerseBSc Electrical Engineering
Yixin ShiMSc Microelectronics
Magda UrsuleanMSc MicroelectronicsNXP, Eindhoven
Arjan van der KruijtMSc Microelectronics
Vincent van HoekMSc Microelectronics
Douwe van WilligenMSc Microelectronics
Weichen XuMSc Microelectronics
ELCA2017Sarthak SharmaMSc MicroelectronicsHolst Centre (IMEC)
Sunil SheelavantMSc MicroelectronicsHolst Centre (IMEC)
2016Job van StaverenMSc Microelectronics
Shubham VyasMSc Microelectronics
Laurens KinkelaarMSc Microelectronics
Rob BootsmanMSc Microelectronics
Jiang GongMSc MicroelectronicsHolst Centre (IMEC)
Anand RameshMSc MicroelectronicsNXP
Hongming YuMSc MicroelectronicsNXP
Xiao WangMSc MicroelectronicsNXP
2014Pengqi ChenMSc Microelectronics
Kevin McElligottInternship
-0001Daniel Booms
MS32017Sasanka SankaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsNXP
Ruoyu FengMSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems
Kajeng WangkheimayumMSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems
2016Max SchöpeMSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems
THZ2016Arturo Fiorellini BernardisInternship(Visiting from Milan Technical University)
Sjoerd BosmaInternship, MSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems
Cantika FelitaInternship, MSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems
Ralph van SchelvenInternship, MSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems
Diego EmerInternship, MSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems


BE2017Ernesto Gonzales HuamanMSc MicroelectronicsA Low-Complexitry CMOS Receiver for UWB Signals
Now: NXP (Netherlands)
Jory KoolwijkBSc Electrical Engineering
Hongming YuMSc MicroelectronicsStructured Design of an External NMOS based Linear Voltage Regulator for Automotive Applications
2016Farnaz Nassiri NiaMSc Biomedical EngineeringWireless Power Transfer and Optogenetic Stimulation of Freely Moving Rodents
Now: PhD student in the Neuroscience Department of the ErasmusMC, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Yang JiangMSc Microelectronics8uW to 1mW Input Power Management IC Design for RF Energy Harvester
Maciej KostalkowskiMSc Biomedical EngineeringaEEG Analog Front-End IC for Neonatal Brain Development Monitoring
Yao LiMSc MicroelectronicsA 0.6V Low Noise Current Generator for Bio-Impedance Measurements in 40nm CMOS
Qiuyang LinMSc Biomedical EngineeringA 0.6V, 1 uW, Low-Power Low-Noise Instrumentation Amplifier for ECG/BioZ measurement in 40nm CMOS
Now: PhD student at IMEC, Belgium (Belgium)
Samprajani RoutMSc MicroelectronicsStructured Electronic Design of High-Pass ∆Σ Converters and their application to cardiac signal acquisition
Now: PhD student in the Bioelectronics Section of Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Ide SwagerMSc MicroelectronicsPassive Wireless ECoG Monitoring on Multiple Subjects
Joost KerpelsMSc MicroelectronicsIn vivo multicell inferior olivary recordings: alternative design methods for creating cheap and flexible electrode structures
Matthijs WeskinMSc MicroelectronicsA compact multi-electrode system to measure in vivo electrical activity in the olivocerebellar system -- measuring sub-threshold oscillations and action potentials spatially and over time
Now: HedoN Electronic Developments, Delft (the Netherlands)
Renato Ferreira BorgesErasmus
2015Alessandro UrsoErasmusAn Ultra-High Frequency Neurostimulator Circuit with High Power Efficiency
Now: PhD student in the Section Bioelectronics of Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Arundhati RadhakrishnanMSc Biomedical EngineeringApplication of ultrasound to remove thrombi from the LVAD
Now: Indian Institute of Science (India)
Sander FondseMSc MicroelectronicsSWEAT: Sleeping Wireless Energy Transfer And Trickle Charger
Athanasios KarapatisMSc Computer EngineeringNext-generation neuromodulator for epilepsy prevention
Now: Lely (Netherlands)
2014Jialue WangMSc MicroelectronicsDesign of a Boost DC-DC Converter for Energy Harvesting Applications in 40nm CMOS Process
Athanasios RamkajMSc MicroelectronicsNow: PhD student, KU Leuven (Belgium)
Menno VastenholtMSc MicroelectronicsA Sub-GHz UWB Correlation Receiver for Wireless Biomedical Communication
Walter HamelinkBSc Electrical Engineering
2013Horacio JimenezMSc Biomedical EngineeringThe Spike app: A programable neuron to stimulate brain slices in electrophysiology
Now: Skydowser (Mexico)
Luis Carlos GutierrezMSc MicroelectronicsAnalysis and Design of MHz-range Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Implantable Devices
Eric MuijsMSc MicroelectronicsA CMOS Temperature Compensated Log-Amp Detector
Now: Systematic IC (Netherlands)
Sophinese IskanderMSc Biomedical EngineeringNow: PhD student, Erasmus Medical Center (Netherlands)
Alexandra-Maria TautanMSc Biomedical EngineeringNow: Holst Centre (Netherlands)
2010Mark StoopmanMSc MicroelectronicsA Sub-GHz UWB Pulse Generator for Wireless Biomedical Communication
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Cees-Jeroen BesMSc MicroelectronicsA front-end for sensing the stimulation and response of auditory nerve cells
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Senad HiseniMSc MicroelectronicsUltra Low-Power Analog Integrated Circuits for Extracellular Action Potential Detection
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
2009Marijn Van DongenMSc MicroelectronicsA versatile output stage for implantable neural stimulators
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Y. ShamsaMSc MicroelectronicsLC Ladder Based Orthonormal Filter for Impulse-Radio UWB Pulse Generation.
Now: B/E Aerospace (Netherlands)
S. Al-AhdabMSc MicroelectronicsAn Ultra Low Power Fully Integrated Sensor Interface IC for Pacemakers
M.A. GrashuisMSc MicroelectronicsA fully differential switched capacitor wavelet filter
S. WangMSc MicroelectronicsA 10-bit 25Msps Pipeline ADC for Companding Baseband Processing in Wireless Application
CAS2017Jiying DaiMSc Signals and SystemsCSI-EPT: Towards practical implementation
Peter StijnmanMSc MicroelectronicsTransceive Phase Corrected Contrast Source Inversion-Electrical Properties Tomography
Evelyn Rashmi JeyachandraMSc Computer EngineeringAn Accurate System-Level Device Aging Assessment and Mitigation Simulation Framework
Wangyang YuMSc Signals and SystemsIndoor localization with Low Energy Bluetooth
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
2016Bahador ValizadehpashaMSc MicroelectronicsOn-Chip Cryogenic Read-Out of Spin Qubit for Quantum Computers
Tariq SaboeraliMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsEnhancement of the Spatial Resolution for the Temperature Sensing System of the 7 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner
Christopher McGirrMSc Computer EngineeringValidation of Performance Estimation, FIFO Sizing and Automatic Loop Transformations of High Level Specifications for Polyhedral Process Network
Rosario IncandelaMSc MicroelectronicsCryogenic CMOS LNA for RF readout of spin qubits
Now: PhD researcher, TU Delft (The Netherlands)
Ioanna KyriakouMSc Computer EngineeringDesign and Characterization of the Time Division Multiplexing concept on a dual clock Imaging DSP
Joost van der KempMSc Signals and SystemsAccelerating Diffusion-Weighted Chemical Shift Imaging using Compressed Sensing with Parameter Mapping
Reijer LeijsenMSc Signals and SystemsNow: PhD Researcher, LUMC
Siddharth SinhaMSc Computer EngineeringHysteresis Compensation in Piezo-Actuator
Now: IMEC Holst Centre Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Iakov ChalegouaMSc Signals and SystemsInvestigations into Informed Phase Restoration of Amplitude Spectra for Audio Signals
Michiel GerlachMSc Signals and SystemsDielectric Shimming: Optimization Techniques for Dielectric Pads in MRI
Andrejs FedjajevsMSc Signals and SystemsUltrasound Imaging Using a Single Element Transducer
Pim van der MeulenMSc Signals and SystemsRegularized Least Squares Imaging for High Resolution Ultrasound
Now: PhD Researcher, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Patrick FuchsMSc Signals and SystemsMRI based Electrical Properties Tomography: Electromagnetic inversion
Now: PhD Researcher, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Arin ÜlküMSc MicroelectronicsHigh Resolution, Fully Digital Photon-Counting Image Sensors in DSM CMOS Technologies
Now: PhD researcher TU Delft (the Netherlands)
Preethi PadmanabhanMSc MicroelectronicsDesign of a Sub-harmonically Injection-Locked TDC Array for Space Applications
Now: PhD at EPFL (Switzerland)
Mario Coutino MinguezMSc Signals and SystemsIdentification of room boundaries for sound field estimation
Now: PhD Researcher, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Junjie WengMSc Microelectronics
Yiling ZhangMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsChina Digital Radio (CDR) Receiver Design and Development with FM Interference Cancellation
Now: Freescale (Eindhoven) (Netherlands)
Daan SchellekensMSc Signals and SystemsQuantization effects in PDMM: A first study for synchronous distributed averaging
Now: Pindrop Security, London (UK)
Nambur Ramamohan KrishnaprasadMSc Signals and SystemsAcoustic Vector Sensor Based Source Localization
Now: Microflown and PhD student, TU Delft (The Netherlands)
Bishnu PatraMSc Microelectronics
Mohammad AhmadiniaMSc Computer EngineeringIntegrating a Neuron Network application into ZYBO Zynq-7000 development board with AXI-Bus interface
Kiki WiriantoMSc MicroelectronicsMulti-Domain SystemC Model of a Neural Interface
Now: family company
2015Hongrun ZhangMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsSensor Selection and Bit Allocation in WSNs with Realistic Digital Communication Channels
Rodolfo Solera UrcuyoMSc Signals and SystemsSpeech Based Onset Estimation for Multisensor Localization
Stefan VisserMSc Computer EngineeringA 1 GSa/s Deep Cryogenic, Reconfigurable Soft-core FPGA ADC for Quantum Computing Applications
Marina NanoMSc Signals and SystemsAutomated Detection of Central Apnea in Preterm Infants
Now: PhD Researcher at TU/e, Philips and Kempenhaeghe (Netherlands)
Vana PanagiotouMSc Signals and SystemsBlind Segmentation of Time-Series
Jeroen SomersMSc Computer EngineeringHighly Accurate Synchronization Over Ethernet
Ingmar JagerMSc Signals and SystemsRoom Shape Estimation from Acoustic Echoes using Graph-based Echo Labeling
Now: Jitter Sensor Systems (Netherlands)
Shailja ShuklaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsGSVD based blind-beamforming technique for suppression of partially overlapping Bluetooth data packets from WiFi signals
Now: Firmware Developer at Femtogrid Energy Solutions (Netherlands)
Eduard Fernndez AguilarErasmus
Francesco GiorgiInternshipAccurate propagation delay estimation for a novel thermal sensor
Ruijie ZhangMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsCompressive Power Spectrum Estimation: Further study on Non Uniform sampling and Parametric Approach
Now: Huawei Technologies (Netherlands)
Shilpa RaoMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsSparse Arrays: Vector Sensors and Design Algorithms
Now: Indian Institute of Science (India)
Guozhi XuMSc MicroelectronicsImplementation of in-situ monitoring techniques for power reduction in smart sensors
Now: Cadence Design Systems, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Yun WangMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsSoftware-defined radio receiver design and development for China Digital Radio (CDR)
Now: A10 Networks (Netherlands)
He Ming ZhangMSc Signals and SystemsDistributed Convex Optimization: A Study on the Primal-Dual Method of Multipliers
Now: PhD student at USC, Los Angeles (USA)
Di FengMSc Signals and SystemsHeart Rate Variability Analysis Based on Instantaneous Frequency Estimation
Now: Algorithm Engineer at HuaMi Technology (China)
Yuteng HaoMSc MicroelectronicsLow power digital baseband architecture for wireless sensor nodes
Now: Opera Solutions (China)
Ting GongMSc MicroelectronicsDevelopment and Characterization of an Endoscopic TOF PET System
Now: Fastree3D (Netherlands)
Martijn BijwaardMSc MicroelectronicsScalable Network Based Clock Synchronization for Digital PET System
Now: Datawell B.V. (Netherlands)
2014Wouter van TeijlingenMSc Computer EngineeringProfiling of Polyhedral Process Networks
Now: Lecturer Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
Samira BahramiMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsNon-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring using the Viterbi Algorithm (NIALM-VA)
Now: ASML (Netherlands)
Dongni FanMSc Computer EngineeringGuaranteed Quality ECG Signal Compression Algorithm
Now: Prodrive Technologies (Netherlands)
Claudia DamianiErasmusNow: NXP Semiconductors (Germany)
Dali ZhangMSc MicroelectronicsLong-range 3D Range Detector Based on Time-correlated Single-photon Counting
Now: NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands)
Elvin IsufiErasmusNetwork Coding in Underwater Communications
Now: PhD student at TU Delft (Netherlands)
Shahrzad NaghibzadehMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsIndoor Granularity Presence Sensing and Control Messaging with an Ultrasonic Circular Array
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Andreas KoutrouvelisMSc Signals and SystemsSpeech Production Modelling and Analysis
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Harald HomulleMSc MicroelectronicsDevelopment of a Multichannel TCSPC System in a Spartan 6 FPGA
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Jurrin de KlerkMSc Computer EngineeringCacheBalancer: A communication latency and utilization aware resource manager
Now: Visual Productions BV (Netherlands)
Jaco HofmannMSc Computer EngineeringMulti-chip dataflow architecture for massive scale biophysically accurate neuron simulation
Now: PhD student TU Darmstadt (Germany)
Jrn ZimmerlingMSc MicroelectronicsModeling of wave propagation in open domains: A Krylov subspace approach
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Milovan VasicMSc MicroelectronicsPhysical design of a 3D router: reducing the number of vertical connections and enabling asynchronous operation
Joost GeelhoedMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsJoint Angle-Frequency Estimation for Multiple Signals with Circular Arrays
Now: Science [&] Technology, Delft (Netherlands)
Yongwei WangMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsIndoor Localization based on Room Impulse Response Fingerprinting with little human intervention
Now: MSc student at Northwestern Polytechnical University (China)
Martijn van EijkMSc Computer EngineeringModeling of Olivocerebellar Neurons using SystemC and High-Level Synthesis
Now: Gennino (Netherlands)
Yi LuMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsA "Transmission Time Reservation" method in a Wireless Lighting Control System
Cong NieMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsResearching the BLE based intelligent lighting control system
Keke HuMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsCompressive Sensing for Near-field Source Localization
Ning PanMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsOffline Power Allocation and Spectrum Sensing Strategy in Energy-Harvesting Cognitive Radio Networks
Dani Hernando PorteroErasmus
2013Jason MensinghMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsDevelopment of a Two-Dimensional Resonator Design Tool
Now: QuTech, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Yuri MurilloErasmusNow: IT Security Consultant at GMV (Spain)
Viktor StoevMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsPhotoacoustic Imaging by Means of Sparsity Regularization
Now: Image Quality Engineer at MM Solutions JSC (Bulgaria)
Anton DelawariMSc Computer EngineeringTime Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Now: Tata Steel (Netherlands)
Apostolos KontakisMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsSpace-varying FIR filter design for nonuniformly sampled seismic data
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Sachin ChadhaMSc Computer EngineeringA Data Acquisition System Design for a 160x128 Single-photon Image Sensor
Now: ASML (Netherlands)
Siavash ShakeriMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsUnderwater ultra-wideband fingerprinting-based localization
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Jeroen van GemertMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsImaging of Cracks and Weak Spots in Steel and Aluminium Plate Rolls
Now: Imtech Traffic & Infra B.V. (Netherlands)
Lyubomir ZegovMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsWaveform Optimization for Compressive-Sensing Radar Systems
Now: Applied Radar Technology, Leiden (Netherlands)
2012V. KarunanithiMSc Computer EngineeringA Framework for Designing and Testing the Digital Signal Processing unit of a Pulsar Based Navigation System
Now: SIM Industries (Lockheed Martin) (Netherlands)
Nupur LodhaMSc MicroelectronicsMonolithic Integration of LEDs and SPADs in Standard CMOS Technology for Optical Joystick Application
Now: NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands)
Mitzi Tjin A DjieMSc Computer EngineeringMEP-MAS: A Message Passing Multiprocessor Array for Streaming Applications
Now: LeQuest BV (Netherlands)
Anupam ChaharMSc Computer EngineeringCompile time Analysis for Hardware Transactional Memory Architectures
Now: Intel Corporation (Netherlands)
J. Rodriguez Rodriguez de GuzmanMSc MicroelectronicsA general RDE-based simulator for statistical timing analysis
A. RamkumarMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsTransmitter measurements and analysis of frame synchronization of an Impulse Radio Ultra-wideband system
Now: Broadcom (Netherlands)
D. Shastry RavishankarMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsBPSK Based Super Regenerative Receiver
Now: Qualcomm (Germany)
D. BurlyaevMSc Computer EngineeringSystem-level Fault-Tolerance Analysis of Small Satellite On-Board Computers
Now: PhD student at INRIA (France)
Anastasios MichosMSc Computer EngineeringA Novel Concurrent Validation Scheme for Hardware Transactional Memory
Now: Imagination Technologies (UK)
Rakshith JagannathMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsGrid Mismatch in Sparse-Signal Recovery of Compressive Sensing
Now: Indian Inst. Science, Bangalore (India)
Martin MolenaarMSc Computer EngineeringA FPGA implementation of a real-time inspection system for steel roll imperfections
2011Arnica AggarwalMSc Computer EngineeringTemperature Constrained Power Management Scheme for 3D MPSoC
Now: ASML (Netherlands)
Chris FeenstraMSc Computer EngineeringA Memory Access and Operator Usage Profiler Framework for HLS Optimization
Now: Fugro (Netherlands)
Vashishth ChaudhriMSc MicroelectronicsFundamentals, Specifications, Architecture and Hardware Towards a Navigation System Based on Radio Pulsars
Now: Radials Intl (India)
Radhika JagtapMSc Computer EngineeringA Methodology for Early Exploration of TSV Interconnects in 3D Stacked ICs
Now: ARM (UK)
Priyanka KumarMSc MicroelectronicsTime-of-Flight 3D Imaging based on a SPAD-TDC Pixel Array in Standard 65 nm CMOS Technology
Now: NXP (Netherlands)
Guanyu YiMSc MicroelectronicsHigh-Quality, Real-Time HD Video Stereo Matching on FPGA
Now: IMEC (Belgium)
Z. HuangMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsMulti-Carrier Wakeup Radio Receiver
Sundeep ChepuriMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsWideband spectrum sensing techniques for wireless sensors
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Kezheng MaMSc Computer EngineeringA Fast and Accurate SystemC / SystemC-AMS Model for Super-Regenerative Radio
Now: NXP (Netherlands)
Millad Mouri SardarabadiMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsComplex Factor Analysis
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Stefan KokMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsA multi-lag/multi-scale receiver for underwater acoustic communications
Harmen MenningaMSc MicroelectronicsImplementation, Characterization, and Optimization of an FPGA-based Time-to-Digital Converter
Now: Alten PTS (Netherlands)
M. VerschoorMSc Computer EngineeringDesign of a Crypto Core for Securing Intra System-on-Chip Communication
Now: Fox-IT (Netherlands)
Martha Alvarez GuedeMSc Computer EngineeringOptimization of the Belief Propagation algorithm for Luby Transform decoding over the Binary Erasure Channel
Now: European Patent Office (Netherlands)
Xianli RenMSc Computer EngineeringRTL Implementation of an Optical Flow Algorithm (Lucas) Using the Catapult C High-Level Synthesis tool
Now: Samsung Electronics (Korea)
2010Harry BroedersMSc Computer EngineeringNow: Haagse Hogeschool (Netherlands)
Sumeet KumarMSc Computer EngineeringNow: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Chockalingam VeerappanMSc MicroelectronicsNow: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Tom van LeeuwenMSc Computer EngineeringImplementation and automatic generation of asynchronous scheduled data flow graphs
Now: Technolution (Netherlands)
Ashish NigamMSc MicroelectronicsStandard Cell Behavior Analysis and Waveform Set Model for Statistical Static Timing Analysis
Now: Dreamapp World (India)
Kotaro KobayashiMSc Computer EngineeringNow: MBA (Spain)
Maxim VolkovMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsRadio frequency detection and mitigation for LOFAR telescope system
Andre Raposo dos Santos SilvaErasmusSingle-carrier block transmission for underwater communications
Now: Heineken (USA)
A.D. VisserMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsNoise Analysis of an Ultra Wide Band FMCW Ranging Receiver
Rick van der SluisMSc Computer EngineeringNow: Pipesurvey, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
David CaicedoMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsIllumination control of an LED lighting system based on localized occupancy
Now: PhD student TU Eindhoven; Philips (Netherlands)
Deheng LiuMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsMultiuser Detection for Sensing Asynchronous LED Illumination Contributions
Now: NXP (Netherlands)
Snehal RautMSc Computer EngineeringSemi-custom VLSI Design and Realization of DC-DC Converters in UMC90
Now: Applikon Biotechnology (Netherlands)
Daoxin LiMSc Computer EngineeringNow: ASML (Netherlands)
Pim TamerusMSc Computer EngineeringAsynchronous Logic as Counter Measure against Power Analysis Attacks
Now: AimValley (Netherlands)
2009Michael SimmondsMSc Computer EngineeringDesynchronization Methods for Scheduled Circuits
Now: Xtreme EDA (Canada)
Tamer KranenburgMSc Computer EngineeringDesign of a Portable and Customizable Microprocessor for Rapid System Prototyping
Shahzad GishkoriMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsCompressive Sampling for PPM and FSK Modulated Signals
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
M.N. KhanMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsAntenna Beamforming for a 60 GHz Transceiver System
Now: PhD reseacher, Institute for Telecommunication Research (Australia)
Rahmadi TrimanandaMSc MicroelectronicsA hierarchically pipelined data acquisition system for single-photon avalanche diode array
Now: Intel (Netherlands)
Sajit AqeelMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsA noise subspace approach for localization
Now: COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (Pakistan)
Gert-Jan SchoneveldMSc Computer EngineeringVHDL to SystemC: The Design of a Translator
A.O. AdejuwonMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsCognitive Radio in a Regulatory Environment
Bruhtesfa GodanaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsHuman movement characterization in indoor environment using GNU radio based radar
Now: Ericsson (Norway)
Lin LiMSc Microelectronics45nm Extraction and verification flow with SPACE
Yukang TuMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsWavenumber-frequency spectrum estimation of ambient seismic noise
Zixia HuMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsReceiver Windowing Design for Narrowband Interference Mitigation in MB-OFDM UWB System
Now: Qualcomm (USA)
2007Christian van BijleveldPacket Loss Concealment for Speech Communications
Now: Bosch Security Systems (Netherlands)
ECTM2016Brahim El MansouriMSc MicroelectronicsA Miniaturized Temperature Controlled Capacitive MEMS Transducer for MOF based Gas Sensing Applications
Now: PhD student at Delft University of Technology
James MugandaMSc MicroelectronicsEmbedded MicroChannels and their Application in Minimally Invasive Medical Instruments
2015Ramin BarakMSc MicroelectronicsAddressing large-scale qubit arrays for quantum computer
Now: Trainer at Lyceo (Netherlands)
Sotiris ThomasMSc MicroelectronicsAn Evaluation of Silicon Carbide Based Bimorph Actuators for Optical Coherence Tomography Applications
Now: Iszgro Diodes BV (The Netherlands)
Yingjie ShenMSc MicroelectronicsFlexible Interposer Based on Carbon Nanotubes and PDMS Composite
Jian LiMSc MicroelectronicsWafer Scale Flexible Interconnect Fabrication for Heterogeneous Integration
Now: Processing Engineer, TU Delft EKL Lab (Netherlands)
Hengqian YiMSc MicroelectronicsThermally Driven Sound Source: Application of CNT nanofoams
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Yiwen ChenMSc MicroelectronicsT12 Electromagnetic Ballast Modeling And Retrofit LED Tube Driver Design
Now: Philips Lighting (Netherlands)
Armando Galicia NaranjoMSc Biomedical EngineeringAcoustically Induced Microenvironments: Building blocks for organ models in-vitro
Nikolas GaioMSc MicroelectronicsFabrication and Characterization of an Upside-down CNT MEA
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Ifigeneia ZachariouMSc MicroelectronicsImplementation of a passive millimeter wave identification antenna on Kapton film for human presence detection
2014Yorick CariseyMSc MicroelectronicsLow temperature fine pitch vertical wafer level interconnection using copper nanoparticles
Now: Amadeus IT Group (France)
Teng MaMSc MicroelectronicsMonolithic integration of light sensor readout system for multi-functional LED wafer-level packaging based on BICMOS process
Manjunath Venkatesh RamachandrappaMSc MicroelectronicsMonolithic Integration of Rectifiers and Drivers for low power SSL applications on a Rigid to Flex Substrate
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Jose Manuel Rosas EscobarMSc Biomedical EngineeringFabrication of a microporous PDMS membrane for an Organ-on-Chip device
Now: Inno4Life B.V. (Netherlands)
Shruti AgrawalMSc Biomedical EngineeringAssessment of Cytostretch - A Heart-On-Chip device. Experiments on Cardiomyocytes
Now: Allseas (The Netherlands)
Lalit KumarMSc MicroelectronicsOpto-elecronic MEMS oscillator for resonant pressure sensing
Xingyu LiuMSc MicroelectronicsPrinted graphene and silicon
Yi LiuMSc MicroelectronicsNano Optomechanical Read-out for Microcantilever Sensors
Hengqian YiMSc MicroelectronicsThermally Driven Sound Source: Application of CNT nanofoams
Now: PhD student at Delft University of Technology
Lalit KumarMSc MicroelectronicsOpto-electronic MEMS oscillator for resonant pressure sensing
Now: NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands)
Yelena GrachovaMSc MicroelectronicsCVD of Single Layer Graphene at Wafer Scale: Study of Different Catalytic Materials
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Sourish BanerjeeMSc MicroelectronicsSuper-growth of CNTs based on ZrN for TSV application
Now: PhD student, TU Twente (Netherlands)
Berend van MeerMSc MicroelectronicsDesign of Cytostretch Skin A human cell based stretchable, flexible and mass-producible skin tissue model for drug development
Now: PhD student Biophysics, Leiden Univ. (The Netherlands)
Hong Wah ChanMSc Microelectronics
Salvatore ForteErasmusNow: Else Kooi Lab (The Netherlands)
Aniello FranzeseErasmus
Paolo PicciafocoErasmusNow: Electronic Designer Engineer, OLSA Group (Italy)
2013R. SokolovskijMSc MicroelectronicsFoldable 3D Wafer Level SSL Package Using Flexible Interconnect
Now: PhD student TU Delft (The Netherlands)
A. DamianMSc MicroelectronicsLow Temperature Wafer Bonding Based on Copper Nanoparticle Sintering for 3D Interconnect Fabrication
Walter VerloopMSc MicroelectronicsResonant Air Quality Sensor
Now: Alten Mechatronics (Netherlands)
Alice XuMSc MicroelectronicsLow Temperature Fabrication of SiO2 Films Using Liquid Silicon
Now: PhD student TU Delft (The Netherlands)
Parastoo MalekiMSc Microelectronics
Dhariyash RathodMSc MicroelectronicsVerification of the non-local avalanche current model in mextram for advanced SiGe HBTs
Now: Semicondutor Device Engineer (Netherlands)
2012Raj VadirajMSc MicroelectronicsHigh Frequency readout scheme for Graphene based NEMS
Now: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (India)
Miki TrifunovicMSc MicroelectronicsSingle-Grain Silicon TFTs on a Plastic Substrate by Doctor Blade Coating of Cyclopentasilane
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Ankur SharmaMSc MicroelectronicsFlexible Smart Display with Integrated Graphics Rasterizor using Single Grain TFTs
Now: ASML (Netherlands)
Xander van KootenBSc Electrical EngineeringNow: Master Thesis Student at IBM Zurich (Switzerland)
2011Sheng Jie LiMSc MicroelectronicsMicro-Fluidic MEMS for Micro-Particle Filtration
Aashini GulatiMSc MicroelectronicsA Micro Surgical Instrument for Age Related Macular Degeneration
Now: Philips Lighting, Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
Ting YanMSc MicroelectronicsIntegrated water cooling for HIFU prostate ablation
Now: Teledyne Dalsa (Netherlands)
B.S. HauMSc MicroelectronicsDesign & Modeling of a MEMS Contact-mode Piezoresistive Detector for Pull-in Acceleration Sensing
Sabrina MagnaniErasmusSuspended Submicron Silicon-Beam for High Sensitivity Piezoresistive Force Sensing Cantilevers
Now: Worgas (Italy)
Tommaso RossiErasmusNow: Alstom (Italy)
Vangal AravindhMSc Microelectronics
Amir NaeimiMSc MicroelectronicsOLED Display with Single Grain Si TFT. (SG-TFT)
Now: ASML (Netherlands)
2010Ana Neves Vieira da SilvaErasmusAnalytical Modeling of the Stress-Strain Distribution in a Multilayer Structure with Applied Bending
Gokulray ChandramohanMSc MicroelectronicsElectrical characterization of MEMS microphones
Now: ASML (Netherlands)
Jie ShenMSc MicroelectronicsNovel Application of Imprinting Lithography for Multi-bit Ferroelectric Memories
Now: Holst Centre (Netherlands)
Yunlong HouMSc MicroelectronicsAluminum Nitride and Chromium Nitride Thin Films for Strain Gauge Application
Now: ASML (Netherlands)
J. YangMSc MicroelectronicsReliability study of the Floating Gate Based Embedded Non_Volatile Memory (eNVM)
J. ZhangMSc MicroelectronicsDesign and Fabrication of On-Chip Cooling Devices Based on the Peltier Effect
Now: PhD student TU Delft
M. CanMSc MicroelectronicsEdgeless Silicon Sensors
Andres Felipe Vasquez QuinteroMSc MicroelectronicsNow: PhD student, EPFL (Switzerland)
2009D. Oludare OyediranMSc MicroelectronicsGrowth of Thin Film Microcrystalline Silicon Solar Cells
S. VollebregtMSc MicroelectronicsCarbon nanotubes as vertical interconnects in 3D integrated circuits
Now: PostDoc TU Delft
J. HaoMSc MicroelectronicsSilicon MEMS Micro-Evaporator
N.T. BokerMSc MicroelectronicsPrototyping of a Stretchable Microelectrode Array for Cardiotoxicity Drug Screening
Now: OC&C Strategy Consultants
Theo VerhaarMSc MicroelectronicsPattern transfer on vertical cavity sidewalls using SU8
Now: Sonion (The Netherlands)
2008Ruoxuan LiMSc MicroelectronicsTapered through silicon via etching and filling for 3D integration
Now: IHS (China)
Jun Jason TianMSc MicroelectronicsNow: MAPPER Lithography (Netherlands)
2004Son Hoang LeMSc Microelectronics
EI2017Andrew FarrugiaMSc MicroelectronicsNow: Neul Ltd
Geronimo Dos Santos OteroMSc Biomedical Engineering
Luke MiddelburgMSc Microelectronics
Lin SongMSc Microelectronics
Wei WuMSc MicroelectronicsNow: Tsinghua University
Yixuan YanMSc MicroelectronicsNow: Brightsight BV
2016Sining PanMSc Microelectronics
Thije RooijersMSc MicroelectronicsA Sampled Voltage Reference
Jeroen van DijkMSc MicroelectronicsAn On-Chip Noise Thermometer
2015J.A. AngevareMSc MicroelectronicsA Highly-Scalable Thermal-Diffusivity-Based Temperature Sensor
R.R. BacchuMSc MicroelectronicsArea-Efficient Readout IC with High Panel Noise Rejection for Capacitive Touchscreens
O.E. KoleosoMSc MicroelectronicsA CMOS Bandgap Temperature Sensor for Cryogenic Applications
W. HuMSc MicroelectronicsA 9-bit 33MHz Hybrid SAR Single-slope ADC
N. Radeljic-JakicMSc MicroelectronicsIntegrated Readout Circuit for Cross-Correlation Based Ultrasonic Ranging
R. BellamkondaMSc MicroelectronicsCombined Capacitance and Temperature to Digital Converter
W.F.M. BrevetMSc MicroelectronicsA Low-Power CMOS Wind Sensor with Corner Heaters
Y. LuoMSc MicroelectronicsA High-Resolution, Resistor-Based Temperature Sensor
A. KulkarniMSc MicroelectronicsLow Drift, Wireless Temperature Sensor for Harsh Industrial Applications
A.N. AbarcaMSc MicroelectronicsHigh Precision Flow Compensated Thermal Conductivity Detector for Gas Sensing with Read-out Circuit
R. ZhangMSc MicroelectronicsA 1-Mega Pixels HDR and UV Sensitive Image Sensor With Interleaved 14-bit 64Ms/s SAR ADC
J. MarkenhofMSc MicroelectronicsIntegrating a Temperature Sensor into a CMOS Image Sensor
G. KarykisMSc MicroelectronicsA high-resolution self-timed zero-crossing-based Incremental _ ADC
Q. LiuMSc MicroelectronicsA mixed-signal multiplexing system for cable-count reduction in ultrasound probes
2014Luis Edoardo Rueda GuerreroMSc MicroelectronicsAn Algorithmic Readout Approach for Thermal Conductivity Based CO2 Sensors
Now: IMEC (Belgium)
Koen BlutmanA Low Power System-on-Chip with Memory Stacked on Top of Logic
Y. HeMSc MicroelectronicsCapacitive Sensor Interface Using an Inverter-Based Period Modulator
A. SelvanMSc MicroelectronicsSimulation of optic flow based flight control for a flapping wing micro aerial vehicle
L.E. RousselotMSc MicroelectronicsAcoustical Monitoring of Model System for Vascular Access in Haemodialysis
J. ZhuMSc MicroelectronicsThe Design of a Stitched, High-dynamic Range CMOS Particle Sensor
S.A. Van 't HofMSc MicroelectronicsIn-vitro waveguide system for the detection of Escherichia coli in drain fluid after colorectal anastomotic leakage
2013L. RajendranMSc MicroelectronicsDesign of an Energy-Efficient Interface Circuit for a MEMS-based Capacitive Pressure Sensor
N. MehtaMSc MicroelectronicsSampling time error calibration in Time-interleaved ADCs
Y. YanMSc MicroelectronicsAn Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Interface for Resonant Sensors Based On Ring-Down Measurement
Q. YaoMSc MicroelectronicsThe design of a 16*16 pixels CMOS image sensor with 0.5 e- RMS noise
J.W. Van DrielMSc MicroelectronicsCharacterization of metals for Cochlear Implants
A. SahaMSc MicroelectronicsDesign of Front-End Receiver Electronics for 3D Trans-Esophageal Echocardiography
2012C. ChenMSc MicroelectronicsEnergy-Efficient Self-Timed Zero-Crossing-Based Incremental Delta-Sigma ADC
S. GoyalMSc MicroelectronicsFrequency References Based on the Thermal Diffusivity of Silicon and Silicon Dioxide
Y. ChengMSc MicroelectronicsEnergy-Efficient Capacitive-Sensor Interface Based on A Multi-Slope ADC
X. GeMSc MicroelectronicsThe design of a global shutter CMOS image sensor in 110nm technology
Y. LiuMSc MicroelectronicsThe Desigh of a High Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor in 110nm Technology
B.C. ChavaMSc MicroelectronicsA Low-Input Current Chopper Amplifier
Ravi BagreeMSc MicroelectronicsCharacterization and Design of a Readout Circuit for a Piezoelectric-based Acoustic Disdrometer
Now: Marwardi Institute
A. FekriMSc MicroelectronicsA ratio metric analog-to-digital converter for eddy current displacement sensors
2011Z. ZengMSc MicroelectronicsEnergy-efficient readout of resonant sensors
J. JiangMSc MicroelectronicsDesign of a Wide-Bandwidth Magnetic Field Sensor
S.F. VoorderhakeMSc MicroelectronicsMicro spectrometer for the measurement of the composition of new gas
J. GuoMSc MicroelectronicsDLL Based Single Slope ADC For CMOS Image Sensor Column Readout
F.D. Roscam AbbingMSc MicroelectronicsLight-Emitting Diode Junction-Temperature Sensing using Various Voltage/Current Measurement Techniques
K.F. TangMSc MicroelectronicsEarly detection of anastomotic leakage using oxygen and carbon dioxide sensor
2010N. SarhangnejadMSc MicroelectronicsHigh-precision Sigma-Delta Modulator with improved linearity
O. KayaMSc MicroelectronicsA Precision RC-locked Oscillator
S. ChenMSc MicroelectronicsSurface-Micromachined Thermal Conductivity Gas Sensors For Hydrogen Detection
S. SakuniaMSc MicroelectronicsPing-Pong-Pang Instrumentation Amplifier
C. MaMSc MicroelectronicsPixel ADC Design for Hybrid CMOS Image Sensors
M. GeljonMSc MicroelectronicsExcitation and readout of a thermally driven time-domain optical coherence tomography system
Y. JiajianMSc MicroelectronicsTime-Gain-Compensation Amplifier for Ultrasonic Echo Signal Processing
C. LiuMSc MicroelectronicsA Double-mode Linear Imaging System for IC-compatible Microspectrometers in Visible Light
2009A. ChengMSc MicroelectronicsDesign of a Readout Scheme for a MEMS Microphone
A.D.H. TierolfMSc MicroelectronicsMicrochip electrophoresis for UVC-induced DNA damage assessment
X. GuoMSc MicroelectronicsInvestigation on Capacitive Sensor Interface with Improved Immunity to External Interference
Y. XuMSc MicroelectronicsCharge Domain Interlacing CMOS Image Sensor Design
P.J. NganaMSc MicroelectronicsDesign, Modeling and Simulation of a 52MHz MEMS Gyroscope Device in 1.5um SOI
ELCA2017Michael PolushkinMSc Microelectronics
2016Bishnu PatraMSc MicroelectronicsCryogenic frequency generationfor scalable control and read-out of qubits
Now: Ph.D. student at TU Delft
Lei ChenMSc Microelectronics
Lei ZhouMSc Microelectronics
Vijaya PurushothamanMSc MicroelectronicsAn Ultra-low power Direct Frequency Demodulator for Bluetooth Smart applications
Now: PhD student Univ. Twente (Netherlands)
2015J.M.M. van der MeulenMSc MicroelectronicsLinearity Analysis and Enhancement Techniques for the Base-Collector Capacitance Dominated Distortion in Bipolar Amplifiers
Georgios SarrisMSc MicroelectronicsA medium power 135 GHz power amplifier
Now: Analog IC Design Engineer, Tiberion (Netherlands)
2014Yuan GaoMSc MicroelectronicsDesign of a Duty-Cycled Fractional-N ADPLL Based on Instantaneous Start-up LC DCO and High-precision DTCs
Lianbo WuMSc MicroelectronicsAn Ultra-Low-Power ADPLL for BLE Applications
Now: PhD student, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
Alan ChenMSc MicroelectronicsDTC and TDC IC Design for Ultra-Low-Power ADPLL
R.G. VenterMSc MicroelectronicsA Package Integratable Six Port Reflectometer for RF Power Devices
A. PillaiMSc MicroelectronicsLNA and Square Law Detector at 60 GHz for Passive Radiometers
Bindi WangMSc MicroelectronicsEdge-prediction DTC and Clock-gating TDC Design for Ultra Low Power All Digital PLL
Now: PhD student TU Eindhoven (Netherlands)
2013Gerasimos VlachogiannakisMSc MicroelectronicsLow Power, All-Digital Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers for Multi-GHz Applications
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Satoshi MalotauxMSc MicroelectronicsFull-Duplex CMOS Duplexer: Passive self-interference cancellation
Now: RFIC Design Engineer, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Sanganagouda PatilMSc MicroelectronicsAn Ultra-Linear LNA for Base stations
Now: Analog Devices (Ireland)
Vamshi ChillaraMSc MicroelectronicsAn Ultra-Low-Power ADPLL for WPAN Applications
Now: Analog Devices (Ireland)
Jianghai HeMSc MicroelectronicsWideband High Power Doherty Amplifiers
2012Mohammadreza MehrpooMSc MicroelectronicsA Highly Selective, Very Linear Low Noise Transconductance Amplifier Capable of Large-Signal Handling for Current-Mode Receivers Front-End
Now: Catena, Delft (Netherlands)
Yang LiMSc MicroelectronicsA NMOS Linear Voltage Regulator for Automotive Applications
Now: Gpixel Inc (China)
Santosh AstgimathMSc MicroelectronicsA low noise, low power dynamic amplifier with common mode detect and a low power, low noise comparator for pipelined SAR-ADC
Now: Wolfson Microelectronics (UK)
Md. Shakil AkterMSc MicroelectronicsA Low-Power Class-AB Residue Amplifier for a 12bit 500MS/sec Pipeline ADC with Digital Calibration
Now: Broadcom (Netherlands)
Armin TavakolMSc MicroelectronicsDigitally Controlled Oscillator for WiMAX in 40 nm
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
2011Ajay Kumar ManjannaMSc MicroelectronicsDesign and development of active baseband loadpull system
Now: Anteverta-mw (Netherlands)
Wenlong JiangMSc MicroelectronicsADPLL Design for WiMAX
Now: PhD student UCLA, Los Angeles (USA)
Jing LiMSc MicroelectronicsWideband High Power Amplifier Design
Now: Design Engineer TU Eindhoven (Netherlands)
S. MotoroiuMSc MicroelectronicsMulti-band/Multi-Mode RF Front-end Receiver for Basestation Applications
X. ZhangMSc MicroelectronicsDesign of a Baseband Section for LTE-Advanced Mobile Communiation
Ao BaMSc MicroelectronicsUltra-low-power Digitally-controlled Oscillator for Event-driven Transmitter
Now: IMEC/Holst Centre (Netherlands)
Popong EffendrikMSc MicroelectronicsTime-to-Digital Converter (TDC) for WiMAX ADPLL in State-of-The-Art 40-nm CMOS
Now: Lecturer (Indonesia)
2010G. MishraMSc MicroelectronicsAn Oscillator System for a Quadrature Downconversion Auto-Correlation Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Receiver
R. SehgalMSc MicroelectronicsA 12-bit 500MS/s Pipeline Split-ADC
K.I.M.I. KhalafMSc Microelectronics60GHz front-end receiver chain in 90nm CMOS technology
J. ShenMSc Microelectronics60GHz Quadrature Voltage-Controlled Oscillator for Radar Application
X. DengMSc MicroelectronicsWideband Doherty Power Amplifier Design for Base Station Application
K. ShiMSc MicroelectronicsA 60W Compact Highly Efficient Wideband Class-E Power Amplifier
Y. WangMSc MicroelectronicsWideband Class-B Power Amplifiers
B. WuMSc MicroelectronicsHighly Linear LNA Design for Base Station Applications
R. ZhangMSc MicroelectronicsDesign Study on the Switched and Linear Operation of Broadband CMOS Class-E Power Amplifiers
R.F. KeareyMSc MicroelectronicsA high-efficiency switch-mode amplitude modulator for class E power amplifiers in nano-satellites
2009M.H. SadeghiMSc MicroelectronicsNew architecture for remote powered wireless transmitter
A. DonmezMSc MicroelectronicsWideBand PLL as a clock multiplier
L. JiangMSc MicroelectronicsSignal Up-conversion for Integrated Radar Systems
2008J. WanMSc MicroelectronicsDesign of a Distributed Clock Generator for Multiple Power Domain System-on-Chip Integrated Circuits
MS32017Kavish IshwardatMSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems
Yalin GurcanMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsSuper-resolution algorithms for range-azimuth-Doppler estimation in automotive radars.
2016Nannan ChenMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsMillimetre wave propagation and scattering phenomena for automotive radar.
Wilco TempertMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsDesign of a particle filter for robust target tracking in object-induced clutter
Jeroen KeijsersMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsDensity Tapering for Sparse Planar Spiral Antenna Arrays
Michael HambalisMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsReduction of Mutual Coupling and Influencing the Antenna-Element Pattern in Array Environment
Roeland TrommelMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsAn Analysis of Deep Learning for Human Gait Classification in Radar
Now: Thales (The Netherlands)
Roel BernsMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsExploiting the micro-Doppler effect for detection improvement in FMCW radar
Yanki AslanMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsReduction of Mutual Coupling Between Closely Spaced Patch Antennas Using Dielectric Contrast Techniques
Joris DerksenMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsA study of radar performance assessment accuracy sensitivity to the resolution of atmospheric input data. Case studies of North Sea environments.
Wilfred BoelhouwerMSc Signals and Systems, MSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsA Reconfigurable Antenna based on a Non-radiative Dielectric Waveguide with a Liquid Crystal Dielectric
Kyriaki ChristopoulouMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsNow: European Patent Office (Netherlands)
2015Rossiza GourovaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsTheory and Practice of Waveforms for Compressive-Sensing Radar
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
M. WangMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsUltra wideband omnidirectional discone antenna for WLAN applications
Yiou ZhouMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsRadar Doppler Polarimetry of Wind Turbines using the S-band PARSAX radar
2014Jacco SchreudersMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsTracking aircraft with the PARSAX radar
2013Sowmini KadathanadMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsWaveform Generation for a MIMO Radar
Now: PhD student at TU Delft (Netherlands)
Paraforou VasilikiMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsDesign and full-wave analysis of supershaped patch antennas
Now: UL Transaction Security (Netherlands)
Jason MensinghMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsDevelopment of a Two-Dimensional Resonator Design Tool
Now: QuTech (Netherlands)
Boris Radeljić-JakićMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsDevelopment of Processing Algorithms for the Detection and Estimation of Multi-Layered Structures of a Windfield with Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar
Now: BAM Bouw en Techniek (Netherlands)
Maarten KasteleinMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsAircraft Separation Assurance Using Implicit Maneuver Coordination: Issues and Potential Solutions
Now: PhD student Ohio University (USA)
Ranish Baboeram PandayMSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems4D Trajectory De-Confliction For Future ATM By Applying Constraints
Now: Rijkswaterstaat (Netherlands)
Temitope AgbanaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsModel-based Wavelength Estimation with Tunable Color Filter and Single Photodiode
Now: Researcher at DCSC, TU Delft (Netherlands)
2012Joep WezelMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsAssessing the MR compatibility of dental retainer wires at 7 tesla
Now: PhD student, LUMC Leiden (Netherlands)
Paul de HeerMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsHomogeneous RF Field Distribution Optimization in 3T Abdominal Imaging
Now: PhD student, LUMC Leiden (Netherlands)
Netsanet TessemaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsNode Selection Technique for Distributed Beamforming in Green Cognitive Radio Networks
Now: PhD student, TU Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Vedaprabhu BasavarajappaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsDesign of a wideband conformal array antenna system with beamforming and null steering, for application in a DVB-T based passive radar
Now: PhD student, Queens Univ. Belfast (Ireland)
V. SridharanMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsInterference cancellation techniques for low power wireless sensors
Now: Intel (Germany)
Leonardo CarrerMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsConcealed Weapon Detection: a microwave imaging approach
Now: Thales Alenia Space (Italy)
Tom VerboonMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsExploring Opportunities for an Evolutionary Integration of Level 3 UAV Situation Awareness Support into ATC/C2 systems
Now: Moving Dot (Netherlands)
Eugenio PasquaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsUWB FMCW Radar for Concealed Weapon Detection: RF front-end development
Now: Telecom Italia (Italy)
2011Stephan GrootMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsModel-based Classification of Human Motion: Using a Particle Filter Approach
Now: Accenture (Netherlands)
Prasetiyono Hari MuktiMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsA Study On Wavelet Packet Based Algorithm For Representation of Wireless Channel
Now: Lecturer, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya (Indonesia)
Rahmat MulyawanMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsSynchronization Methods for Wavelet Packet Multicarrier Modulation
Now: PT Multipolar Technology (Indonesia)
Wahyu Adhi PrasetyoMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsRelay Selection and Resource Allocation in Cooperative Wireless Communication Networks
Now: Karamel (Indonesia)
Anurag BajpaiMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsChannel Equalization for Wavelet Packet Modulation
Now: NXP Semiconductors (Catena) (Netherlands)
J. ChenMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsA Study on Frequency Dependency and Spatial Modeling of Wireless Channels
2010Berna TorunMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsPeak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Techniques for Wavelet Packet Modulation
W.M. BrinkMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsNon-Invasive Electromagnetic Ablation of Female Breast Tumors
Hossein AzodiMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsUWB Air-Coupled Antenna for Ground Penetrating Radar
Now: PhD student TU Munchen (Germany)
H.G. PoleyMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsGPR Antennas Design and Experimental Evaluation
G. BerghuisMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsSimulation of a Detect and Sense System
Nadia HaiderMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsUWB Antenna Design for Polarimetric Imaging Radar
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
2009F.W. Van den DungenMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsAn airborne human machine interface for 4D-trajectory based operations - A study of needs for the A30X HMI in the ATM target concept of 2020 described by SESAR
Dony ArianandaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsOn Wavelet Based Spectrum Estimation for Dynamic Spectrum Access
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
Aman Miesso BokiyeMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsRay-based Propagation Modeling for OFDM-based Mobile Networks
Now: PhD student Seoul National University (South Korea)
Iman Ghaseminezhad MarandiMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsInterference Analysis, Measurements and Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11n in the presence of other IEEE 802.11b/g/n WLANs
Now: Arcadis (Netherlands)
2008A. Shenario EzhilMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsMillimeter-Wave UWB Antenna Design in LTCC Technology
Now: PhD student TU Delft (Netherlands)
THZ2016Boy BosReactive Sputter Deposition of Superconducting NbTiN Thin Films
Alejandro Pascual LagunaMSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems
2015Shahab DabironezareMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsAnalysis and design of a dual-band THz imager based on incoherent detectors.
Now: PhD student, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Siyi ZhouMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsAnalysis and Design of Pulsed Photoconductive Antennas
Now: PhD at Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes (IETR) (France)
Wenda ZhuMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsMm-Wave In-Package Antennas for Short-Range Car Radar Application
Xuxiang LiuMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsDemonstration of 2 x 2 heterodyne receiver array at 1.4THz using HEB mixers and Fourier phase grating LO
Now: Huawei Technologies (China)
Sven van BerkelMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsCharacterization of Printed Transmission Lines at High Frequencies
Now: PhD at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
2014Harshitha Thippur ShivamurthyMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsWideband, Wide-Scan Planar Connected Slot Array Enhanced with Artificial Dielectrics
Now: PhD student, Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
2013Vincent VoogtMSc Telecommunication and Sensing SystemsLoop-to-Loop Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Signal Transfer in Layered Configurations: Application to Inter-Chip Wireless Communication
Now: Deerns (consultancy) (Netherlands)
2012Kalyan VaddagiriUltra -Wideband Leaky- Wave Antenna for Medical Imaging
Now: Computer Simulation Technology [CST]- Engineer (India)