MSc Signals and Systems

Graduation project (45 EC)

The thesis project is the concluding study unit of the program. The project amounts to 45 EC and involves a research or design task with sufficient academic level. The project may be executed within a research program at TU Delft, or in a suitable research institute or company. The project must be carried out with a systematic approach and should include all phases of a research or design project: analysis, modelling, implementation/construction and validation/evaluation. The student executes the thesis project independently, with guidance of a thesis supervisor and under the responsibility of the full professor who approved the IEP.

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive).
CASWireless Physical Layer Identification of Bluetooth Smart Signals
Reducing Motion Artifacts in MRI of the Eye
Development of accurate dielectric property imaging for 1.5T MRI
Wearable and low power eye tracking system
Improving signal quality of a wearable device for electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement
Dynamic brain network analysis
Accurate blood signal extraction to study brain function with functional ultrasound
Cardiac Arrhythmia Data Analysis (several projects)
Energy-efficient seizure detection for wearable EEG
Advanced radio astronomy imaging algorithms
Detecting anomaly patterns in networks
Data reconstruction on networks
Network anomaly localisation with application to smart grids
Analytics with Multiple-Sensor Lighting Data
New radar applications with advanced multichannel radar AMBER
Use of Submodularity in Multifunction Radar Resource Management
Multi-Sensor Fusion Based Relative Positioning
Signal Design for Accurate Time-of-Arrival Estimation Using Sparse Subband Signals
Packet Separation and Interference Cancelation for Unmanned Arial Vehicles
Phase domain ranging and localization for Bluetooth low energy or ZigBee
Matched subspace methods for outage detection in smart grids
Internships Fleet Cleaner
Analyzing the characteristics of a leader in a diffusion network
Speech recognition and speech based validation systems for web subscriptions
Speech intelligibility enhancement for public address systems
Privacy preserving distributed speech enhancement in wireless sensor networks
An information theoretical approach for speech intelligibility enhancement
Beamforming for speech enhancement preserving spatial cues
Deep Learning based Sound Identification
Noise PSD Estimation in reverberant environments for speech intelligibility enhancement algorithms
Compressive Sensing for Ultrasound Signal Reconstruction
Packet Loss Concealment algorithm for real-time wireless audio systems
Determining Performance Boundaries and Automatic Loop Optimization of High-Level Systems
PRYSTINE Programmable Systems for Intelligence in Automobiles
Computational neuroscience and bio-inspired circuits and algorithms
MS3Remote sensors and Internet of Things for rail-traffic applications
Mission-driven Radar Dwell Scheduling
Design of an inflatable antenna for nano- and micro-satellites
GPS antenna placement
Phase-coded automotive radar
Radar to radar interference mitigation
Automotive radar tracking system
Deployment of Distributed Radar Network
Angle of arrival estimation for automotive radar systems
Optimal frequency generation scheme for mm-Wave automotive radar
Radar based Road Mapping and Vehicle Localization
A study of extended targets radar detector
Classification of targets using the polarimetric-Doppler PARSAX radar
Validation of model for radio distortion due to wind turbines with measured radar data

Thesis examples

2015 Dejan BorotaDesign of a position determination system for a ship’s hull maintenance robot
2014 Joao Lopes e SilvaDistributed Wavefront Reconstruction for Adaptive Optics Systems
Thijs WensveenReal-Time Optimistic Planning for the Control of Nonlinear Systems
Pieter de BuckLens set-up using PARIS
CAS 2019 Pranav PrakashIdentication of Quasi Normal Modes
Yiting LuDevelopment of Data Processing Algorithms for UWB Radar-based Long-Term Health Monitoring
Bastian GenerowiczImproving Ultrafast Doppler Imaging using Subspace Tracking
2018 Yuyang WangAn automated ECG signal quality assessment method with supervised learning algorithm
Konstantios SachosOn speech enhancement in very low SNRs for smart speakers
Mert ErginSnoring Sound Production and Modelling
Rik van der VlistPhase estimation of recurring patterns in nonstationary signals
Raissa LynnRoom Geometry Estimation from Acoustic Echoes
Haidong HaoVessel Layer Separation of X-ray Angiographic Images using Deep Learning Methods
Costas KokkeInterferer selection for binaural cue preservation in joint binaural linearly constrained minimum variance beamforming
Lucas MontesinosAudio-visual authentication for mobile devices
Dirk SchutAutomatic Initialization for 3D Ultrasound CT Registration During Liver Tumor Ablations
Guillermo Ortiz JiménezMultidomain Graph Signal Processing
Jinzi QiFrequency Selection for Indoor Ranging Using Compressive Sensing
Niels van WijngaardenInexact distributed optimization schemes
Sofia-Eirini KottiClock-Offset Invariant Beamforming in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
Bart CoonenDirection-of-Arrival Estimation using an Unsynchronized Array of Acoustic Vector Sensors
Derk-Jan HulsingaThe cocktail party problem: GSVD-beamformers for speech in reverberant environments
2017 Ashvant MahabirBlind Graph Topology Change Detection
Christos TzotzadinisPerformance and Complexity of Data Acquisition in Compressive-sensing Radar
Jake JonkmanQuantized Distributed Optimization Schemes; a monotone operator approach
Jiying DaiCSI-EPT: Towards practical implementation
Boliang XuPacket loss concealment for speech transmissions in real-time wireless applications
Wangyang YuIndoor localization with Low Energy Bluetooth
2016 Joost van der KempAccelerating Diffusion-Weighted Chemical Shift Imaging using Compressed Sensing with Parameter Mapping
Iakov ChalegouaInvestigations into Informed Phase Restoration of Amplitude Spectra for Audio Signals
Michiel GerlachDielectric Shimming: Optimization Techniques for Dielectric Pads in MRI
Andrejs FedjajevsUltrasound Imaging Using a Single Element Transducer
Pim van der MeulenRegularized Least Squares Imaging for High Resolution Ultrasound
Patrick FuchsMRI based Electrical Properties Tomography: Electromagnetic inversion
Mario Coutino MinguezIdentification of room boundaries for sound field estimation
Daan SchellekensQuantization effects in PDMM: A first study for synchronous distributed averaging
Nambur Ramamohan KrishnaprasadAcoustic Vector Sensor Based Source Localization
2015 Rodolfo Solera UrcuyoSpeech Based Onset Estimation for Multisensor Localization
Marina NanoAutomated Detection of Central Apnea in Preterm Infants
Vana PanagiotouBlind Segmentation of Time-Series
Ingmar JagerRoom Shape Estimation from Acoustic Echoes using Graph-based Echo Labeling
He Ming ZhangDistributed Convex Optimization: A Study on the Primal-Dual Method of Multipliers
Di FengHeart Rate Variability Analysis Based on Instantaneous Frequency Estimation
2014 Andreas KoutrouvelisSpeech Production Modelling and Analysis
2007 Christian van BijleveldPacket Loss Concealment for Speech Communications
ELCA 2018 Kiran SharmaAdaptation Study of Zebro as Nano Rover for Lunar Exploration and Demonstration of Locomotion on Simulated Lunar Surface
MSP 2014 Evgeni AizenbergComputer-Aided Comparative Assessment of Inflammatory Lesions in MRI of the Spine in Axial Spondyloarthritis Patients
Martijn GerritsEvaluation of instrumental measures for the prediction of musical noise in enhanced noisy speech
2013 Erik RoelingImproving indoor localization of Android phones: For the use of speech enhancement by using a different calibration signal for each phone and including the relative clock skew
2012 J.J.M. Van de SandeReal-time Beamforming and Sound Classification Parameter Generation in Public Environments
MS3 2016 Wilfred BoelhouwerA Reconfigurable Antenna based on a Non-radiative Dielectric Waveguide with a Liquid Crystal Dielectric