EE1C21 Linear Circuits B

Topics: Circuit theory course for first year EE students, Part 2
This course deals with the calculation of voltages, currents and power in electric circuits with current and voltage sources, resistors, inductors and capacitors. The basic components, different calculation methods and first order circuits are introduced in the first part, EE1C11.

In the second part, EE1C21, the techniques presented in the first part are applied to second-order circuits, circuits with sinusoidal voltages and operational amplifiers. The course covers the transformer basics, filters, frequency responses, two ports networks and the Laplace transform.

After following this course the student should know:

  • How to solve second order differential equations to analyse transients in electric circuits;
  • Calculation of voltages, currents and power in circuits with sinusoidal signals using phasors and vector diagrams;
  • Calculation of instantaneous power, average power, maximum average power, and effective value;
  • Magnetically coupled circuits, the coupling factor, and the ideal transformer in the analysis of electrical circuits.
  • Frequency responses, transfer functions, poles, zeros, dB, Bode diagrams and sketches to calculate circuits;
  • Resonant circuits, filter networks, low pass, high pass, band-pass and band-stop filters, passive and active filters;
  • The Laplace transform and inverse Laplace, the initial value theorem and the steady-state theorem;
  • How to apply the Laplace transform to circuits, calculate the transfer function H(s), determine the relationships with poles and zeros, and relations with the frequency response and Bode diagrams;
  • How to calculate the Y- and Z-parameters of two ports networks and the equivalent parameters of a (serial or parallel) concatenation of two ports.


Armando Rodrigo Mor

dr. Morteza Alavi

RF Integrated Circuit

ing. Marco Pelk

Mohamad Ghaffarian Niasar

dr. Masoud Babaie

RF circuits

dr. Ioan Lager

Computational electromagnetics, antenna engineering

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Credits: 5 EC
Period: 0/6/0/0
Contact: Morteza Alavi