EE1L11 EPO1 Booming Bass

Topics: Build, analyze and characterize a sound system.
In the EPO-1 project you and your team will design a complete audio system with "Booming Bass" extension. First, you will measure the characteristics of a 3-way loudspeaker system. You will analyze and build a power supply and a power amplifier. You will design speaker filters and the extension for a so-called "Booming Bass."
Starting from a set of specifications, you will make design choices for each part of the system. Within your team you will discuss the choices and divide the work amongst each other. To verify the choices you will make analytical calculations and numerical simulations. For this purpose you will use the mathematics and the linear circuits theory from previous and concurrent lecture courses.
You will construct the designs and test them with electrical and acoustic equipment. The measurement results are compared with the analytical and simulation results. On this basis, you will conclude to which extent the specifications have been met.
During EPO-1 you will also train team working skills. Those include working in organized meetings, making a project plan, giving oral presentations, and delivering technical reports.
Your project results will be graded on the basis of the reports, an oral presentation, and an individual oral examination.
The sound of the system will be assessed in an informal competition where all students are welcome. A jury of experts will select a winning team and award a small prize.


dr. Maria Alonso-delPino

mm- and sub-mm wave heterodyne and direct detection receivers, antennas and quasioptical systems

dr. Ioan Lager

Computational electromagnetics, antenna engineering

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Credits: 5 EC
Period: 0/8/0/0
Contact: Maria Alonso-delPino