EE3360TU Transmission Lines

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The following main topics will be introduced: - Review of electromagnetic theory (e.g., Maxwell's equations) and theory of wave propagation. - Transmission lines lumped model approximation, description, range of validity. - Time domain and frequency domain analysis of transmission line structures. - Physical implementation on different technologies (i.e., PCB, Quartz/high frequency substrates and IC technology) of the various transmission line topologies. - Black box representation (Z, Y, ABCD, S and mixed-mode), flow-graph analysis and basic principles of microwave measurement techniques. - Common-mode/differential-mode analysis of several transmission lines based passive components including branch line couplers, power dividers, rat race and coupled line couplers are given in order to provide students the knowledge of the passive building blocks of RF systems. - Design, realization and test of transmission lines and basic components.
After this course students will be able to: - Analyze the behavior of transmission line components. - Understand and use for problem solving black box parameter theory, including Z-parameters, Y-parameters, ABCD parameters and S-parameters. - Describe and design high frequency passive components using transmission lines. - Design fabricate and test transmission line components in the GHz range.


dr. Marco Spirito

(Sub)mm-wave electronics, mm-wave characterization, calibration, (Sub)mm-wave sensing systems

dr. Maria Alonso-delPino

mm- and sub-mm wave heterodyne and direct detection receivers, antennas and quasioptical systems

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Credits: 4 EC
Period: 6/0/0/0 (not running)
Contact: Maria Alonso-delPino