ME Colloquium

Past, Present and Future of micro/nano Electronics Reliability

Willem van Driel

The scientific successes of many micro/nano-related technology developments cannot lead to business success without innovation and breakthroughs in the way that we address reliability through the whole value chain. The ultimate aim of reliability is to predict, optimize and design upfront the reliability of micro/nanoelectronics and systems, an area denoted as ‘Design for Reliability (DfR)’. While virtual schemes based on numerical simulation are widely used for functional design, they lack a systematic approach when used for reliability assessments. Besides this, lifetime predictions are still based on old standards (MIL, FIDES, Telcordia, etc.) assuming a constant failure rate behavior. Here, the so-called digital twin comes into sight, which is no more than just a mathematical model of a physical object. In this talk, I will present the history of reliability as we know it and what future directions are foreseen.

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