PhD Thesis Defence

Solid State Lighting Color Shift

Guangjun Lu

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Overview of PhD Thesis Defence


The monthly meeting of the Section Bioelectronics

Insani Abdi Bangsa, Kostas Konsolakis

PhD Thesis Defence

Yongchang Hu

Signal Strength Based Localization and Path-Loss Exponent Self-Estimation in Wireless Networks

Receiver signal strength is easily observed. How can we do accurate localization based on this?

MSc ME Thesis Presentation

Tianyi Jin

Investigation on Viscoplastic Properties of Au-Sn Die-attach Solder

MSc BME thesis presentation

Insani Abdi Bangsa

System Building Blocks for Mathematical Operators Using Stochastic Resonance -- Application in an Action Potential Detection System

MSc thesis presentation on Stochastic Resonance Systems for Biomedical Applications

The BELCA music festival!

The BELCA Band, Doe Normaal, Rotterdam Centraal

Annual Music Festival of the Sections Bioelectronics and Electronics

Annual music festival with two invited bands and of course the BELCA band. Highly recommended. Free entrance.

MSc ME Thesis Presentation

Shinnosuke Kawasaki

Silicon based microfluidic device for smart assessment of cellular stiffness

MSc BME thesis presentation

Maria Silos Viu

SOMNUS: An Ultra-Wideband Radar-Based Approach for Neonatal Sleep State Classification

MSc ME Thesis Presentation

Shengtai Shi

Effects of silicon oxides as substrates for graphene gas sensor

MSc ME Thesis Presentation

Manvika Singh

Electrostatically activated graphene resonators