MSc CE Thesis Presentation

Mapping of Spiking Neural Network Architecture using VPR

Jinyun Long

As the new generation of neural networks, Spiking Neural Network architectures executes on specialized Neuromorphic devices. The mapping of Spiking Neural Network architectures affects the power consumption and performance of the system. The target platform of the thesis is a hardware platform with Neuromorphic Arrays with columns for neural signal processing.

The explorations for the mapping methods are based on VPR, an open-source academic CAD tool for FPGA architecture exploration.

The packing of VPR is used for mapping neurons to Neuromorphic Arrays. VPR includes two levels of mapping: pins and neurons.

An evaluation of the mapping methods is established. Based on the evaluation, the optimized mapping solution is generated. Modifications are made in VPR to adapt to SNN architectures. An ActivityCriticality input file is added to the VPR flow for the optimized mapping solution.

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