IEEE Sensors Young Professionals June Webinar

Energy Autonomous Environmental Sensors

Anton Köck
Material Center Leoben, Austria

You are invited to the IEEE Young Professionals Engagement Series (YES) which is organized by the IEEE Sensors Council YP Committee. It is a pleasure to announce the next speaker in this webinar series.

Speaker:  Dr. Anton Köck, Key Researcher & head of the Sensor Solution Group, Materials Center Leoben, Austria

Date: June 30, 2022

Time13:00 Central European Time

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Title: Energy Autonomous Environmental Sensors

Abstract: Nowadays ~90% of time is spent indoors; thus, air quality monitoring has become of increasing importance to check for potential indoor and outdoor pollutans, which have a negative impact on our health. For providing an area wide air quality monitoring, the optimum would be an IoT capable network of energy autonomous sensor systems which harvest and store the energy for daily operation. This presentation will mostly focus on air quality sensors, the operating principle and the state-of-the-art on the market. We will show our approach in optimizing chemical sensor devices by use of nanomaterials and how we integrate several devices to multi sensor system. Finally, we will discuss the requirements and challenges for energy autonomous sensor systems.

About the Speaker: Anton Köck studied Experimental Physics at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. After a Post Doc position at the Technical University Munich, he was head of the Optoelectronics research group at the Institute for Solid State Electronics, Vienna University of Technology, where he habilitated in the field of Optoelectronics in. He was a professor for Physics and Material Science at the Wiener Neustadt University for Applied Sciences. Next, he was Deputy Head of the business unit Nano Systems, Austrian Institute of Technology, in Vienna, where he established the research on gas sensors based on nanomaterials. Since 2013 he is Key Researcher at the Materials Center Leoben  and is head of the Sensor solution group. Anton Koeck has more than 230 publications and conference contributions and has been the General Conference Chair of the EUROSENSORS 2018 conference.

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