PhD Thesis Defence

MEMS Solutions For More Than Illumination

Xueming Li

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PhD Thesis Defence

From Silicon Toward Silicon Carbide Smart Integrated Sensors

Luke Middelburg

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SSCS WYE Webinar

To Academia, or to Industry, That is the Question.

Kofi Makinwa, Shin-Lien Lu


You are about to finish graduate school or perhaps a young or seasoned professional, contemplating a career transition. Which is better - a career in academia or industry? What are the pros and cons of one versus the other? How can you start exploring and build up your career accordingly? In this webinar, we will interview Dr. Linus Lu, a professor-turned-industry veteran, and Prof. Kofi Makinwa, an industry veteran-turned-professor, who will share their insights and perspectives from their personal journeys in both academia and industry careers. They will also address what triggered their transitions, how they staged their transitions, and offer their crystal ball projections on present and future career prospects in the solid-state-circuits profession.


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MSc SS Thesis Presentation

Multi-target Detection and Tracking with 8 GHz FMCW Radar System

Siyan Wan

Currently, most of FMCW radar systems for target detection and localization are based on the radar system with multiple receiving antennas, but little based on the SISO system. In this project, we will show a unique signal processing pipeline based on the 8 GHz SISO FMCW radar system.  An advanced algorithm of multi-target detection and tracking will be designed to monitor the range, angle, and Doppler velocity information of targets.