Themes: XG - Next Generation Sensing and Communication

Design approach for resilient integrated electronic systems in automotive and avionics applications
Electronic systems in cars and planes are becoming more sophisticated, and demand more integration and higher performance from semiconductors. However, it is well-recognized that technology scaling alone threatens the integration of highly reliable and safety critical products in scaled technologies due to the associated product lifetime degradation. Hence, this motivates the need for new reliability aware design approaches and solutions.

The RESIST project targets reliability aware design methods and run-time adaptive approaches for next-generation resilient integrated electronic systems in Automotive and Avionics. The focus is on reliability, cost-effectiveness and quality of semiconductor devices. The consortium consists of semiconductor companies, SME's, academia, institutes, and end users. Expected benefits are >2x more cost-effective resilience solutions, >25years lifetime of embedded devices, >20% higher component/integration density at the same level of reliability, and up to 30% reduced reliability testing costs. An early-warning system by health monitoring of system components will be developed.

Project data

Researchers: René van Leuken, Amir Zjajo, Sumeet Kumar, Alexander de Graaf
Starting date: July 2014
Closing date: June 2017
Sponsor: RVO
Partners: NXP Semiconductors, Heliox B.V., Technische Universiteit Delft , Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Contact: René van Leuken