Digitally Dominant Analog Blocks for Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Sensor Network (DArWIN)

Themes: Sensor network communication, XG - Next Generation Sensing and Communication

All-digital phase-locked loops, inductor/capacitor-based DC-DC switching converters
The progress of ultra-low-cost, ultra-low-power (ULP) wireless sensor network (WSN) nodes with advanced bi-directional communication, sophisticated sensors and powerful digital processing is hindered by the continued lack of digitization of its two major subsystems: frequency synthesizers (both providing radio-frequency carrier and clock to the digital processor) and power management converters. This project aims to address these concerns by investigating and demonstrating digitally intensive ULP solutions of all-digital phase-locked loops (ADPLL) and inductor/capacitor-based DC-DC switching converters.

Project data

Researchers: Masoud Babaie, Wouter Serdijn, Bogdan Staszewski, Alessandro Urso, Yue Chen
Starting date: January 2016
Closing date: January 2020
Sponsor: STW-OTP
Partners: Holst Centre (IMEC)
Contact: Masoud Babaie