Closed loop adaptive radar resource allocation (CLARA)

Themes: XG - Next Generation Sensing and Communication

Design of a radar system to operate in a congested and contested environment

CLARA is a joint project with TNO and NLDA, entitled “Closed-Loop, Adaptive Radar resource Allocation”. The research is supervised by Prof. Richard Heusdens (NLDA), Prof. Geert Leus (TUD) and Dr. Laura Anitori (TNO).

The goal of the project is to build a complete resource allocation framework, including high-level (e.g., assigning resources such as time and bandwidth to tasks such as tracking and surveillance) and low-level (e.g., waveform design) system design and optimization. Fully adaptive, closed-loop radars are expected to be one of the major innovations for the future generations of sensor suites of the Royal Dutch Navy.

Project data

Researchers: Geert Leus, Richard Heusdens, Laura Anitori, Costas Kokke
Starting date: February 2021
Closing date: February 2025
Funding: 200 kE; related to group 200 kE
Sponsor: NLDA
Partners: TNO, NLDA
Contact: Geert Leus

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