UNB-Lens-Arrays (UNB-LA)

Themes: XG - Next Generation Sensing and Communication

Lens Antenna Array for Ultrafast Wireless Communication
This project focuses on wireless communication systems that can provide wideband access in high density environment. The Fly's Eye system concept proposes the use of spatial division multiplexing through a lens antenna array, to generate thousands of simultaneous beams at mm-wave frequencies. We will address the mm-wave quasi-optical challenges that emerge from such high-density scenarios, deriving fundamental trade-offs that will pave the road for future implementations of such systems, taking into account active/passive front-end constraints. The ambition is to prove the technical feasibility of a 300x increase in wireless capacity when compared with state-of-the-art implementations at low frequencies.

Project data

Researchers: Maria Alonso-delPino, Nuria Llombart
Starting date: January 2021
Closing date: March 2025
Funding: 355 kE; related to group 355 kE
Sponsor: HUAWEI
Contact: Nuria Llombart