STG-ERC Lens Antenna Arrays for THz Coherent Cameras (LAA-THz-CC)

STG-ERC Grant no. 639749

This project address two fundamental problems for bringing THz systems towards wide-spread applications. Technologically, there is a lack of THz antenna arrays with high power and sensitivity; and theoretically, a field representation to characterize analytically these systems is missing.

This project tackles the technological problem by exploiting recently introduced THz antenna concepts based on leaky waves (see LW Lens antennas) which facilitate a seamless integration in silicon technology. This antenna simplifies the fabrication of large Fly’s eye cameras in just few wafers, and promises one order of magnitude better scanning performances than previous solutions. Advanced array architectures will be investigated to enable efficient imaging systems for applications in sensing and communications combining novel scanning mechanisms:

with integrated technologies in the 300GHz-500GHz band:

  • Piezo-motors
  • GaAs front-ends
  • CMOS front-ends
  • Superconducting detectors

Regarding the theory, an analytical framework will be derived to investigate the electromagnetic response of imaging THz arrays as the enabling tool for optimizing their performance. We will develop this framework by combining advanced spectral antenna techniques with coherent Fourier Optics. This model will not only be used in new beamforming techniques for imaging cameras, but also for the envisioning of future THz telecommunication systems.

ERC Team and Collaborators:

The success of this 5-year (+1 year) ERC is thanks to the very fruitful and tight collaboration with a great research team of enthusiastic young scholars (see ERC Team), as well as with leading groups in the field.



Summary of key results:

You can find some information regarding the research that we have performed under the umbrella of this ERC:

  • Theoretical Framework based on Coherent Fourier Optics: CFO
  • Fly's Eye Lens Antennas at 180GHz and 300GHz: FlysEye
  • 200GHz-600GHz Imaging Arrays in CMOS: CMOS

Project data

Researchers: Sjoerd Bosma, Maria Alonso-delPino, Arturo Fiorellini Bernardis, Shahab Oddin Dabironezare
Starting date: October 2015
Closing date: September 2021
Funding: 1500 kE; related to group 1500 kE
Sponsor: ERC
Contact: Nuria Llombart

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