Energy Efficient Radar TX (CRUISE)

Themes: XG - Next Generation Sensing and Communication

In the next years, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are expected to transform cars into securely-connected self-driving robots with the capability of sensing the environment, thinking, and acting autonomously. CRUISE facilitates transforming to this near era.
Automotive radar sensors share a limited frequency spectrum and will interfere with each other as market penetration increases. Under these circumstances, objects with low radar cross sections may not be detected or may be lost during tracking. This effect will lead to dangerous situations and may become a blocking point for autonomous driving initiatives. To tackle these issues, CRUISE investigates novel approaches.

Project data

Researchers: Nawaf Almotairi, Morteza Alavi, Cicero Vaucher
Starting date: September 2018
Closing date: September 2022
Contact: Morteza Alavi